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Life Shifting Pledge: How to release resentment and rock your dreams!

I believe we are all made to be uber independent. I believe we were for the most part brought down on to this planetary vibration to rock! Literally or figuratively.

And then we go through life and experience a mixture of joys or disappointments, hurts, and pain. No one teaches us how to release that pain meaningfully. Unless you have observed dogs and horses after a fight or ducks over a bread crumb … they always release energy through their body: it is visible. You can see the dog shake it off, The horses gallop away kick their hind legs and the ducks swim ahead also shaking off their little behind. We forget to do that don’t we? *Up till now*

We forgot, before you read this, to let energy out of our body and of our aura.

So we wonder why when the spark of our dream awakens deep within our consciousness we may have been too numb, tired and emotionally drained to give it the boost it needed.

We can’t live that way anymore.

Would you join me and take a pledge that we are not to let the past be more powerful than our present intentions?

We can’t have millions of adults and children become so sick with feelings they end up on cancer pills and chemo treatments. I watched my mother go through that for 7 years of my young life.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I always encourage everyone to work with their angels for one very important reason:

I personally can’t call on angels for help and hold on to my resentments or victim story. The two don’t go together. The simple action of pressing the play button on a CD filled with the energy of angels and Source always naturally elevates my energy above the vibration of my seeming problem and I will actually have more inner space and quietness to hear the right answers.

It’s not magic, although I love to think it is. It’s actually dependable results. You hang around unconditionally loving angels and call for help, you’re going to have a better life… it’s just a matter of fact.

Healing Dove Opportunity…

I guided a lovely lady through the Healing Dove Happiness System I have been developing and learning from the angels since 2009.

I invite you to give it a listen. It was recorded during my free Angel Hugs call which you are more than welcome to join and call in (will come back live Fall 2013, stay tuned).

Let it inspire you, let it awaken that inner source of infinite light and life you have within you and let it pour on to those dream seeds of yours we have all been waiting to see you achieve!


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