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Life Shift: How to know if you should go for it ?

She got the job offers!

The traveling and the new experiences?

And the doubts + fear came in to join the party… and possibly sabotage the whole experience!

Why doesn’t she trust her intuition when it presents her with new opportunities?

Is fear keeping you too from experiencing your most ideal life?

What if all of your prayers were answered and the doors were presented to you but your fear kept you from saying yes to opening them?

What if behind each of those doors laid experiences that shaped who you would ultimately become to fully live out your life purpose?

And what if each of these life’s experiences where some doors closed and other ones opened, were the path you designed to experience and learn as much as you could while down here in this earthly vibration?

And finally, what if all of these experiences were also designed to activate and teach you about your own magical power of manifesting and creating?

Would you go for it and open up the doors? Would you trust your intuition and play and play some more?

Let’s see what happens.

We start this week with one of my favorite tools: your mind’s eye for visualizing so the right doors come to you and opening them is an effortless flow.

Join us for the party!

most ideal expeience

Your third eye is there to help you receive information about your future as well as send information out to add images to the movie of your life.

Remember, you have the Meditating with Angels CD (preview it here) to also keep clearing + using your third eye to have a practial, easy, flowing day – because you visualized it

…and the Magical Wand Workshop at HappySoulSchool to find what’s missing, without stress or worry.

It’s your gift. You were born with it. Let’s use it!

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 4.31.48 PM

You are like that butterfly beginning to open its wings.

It has never flown before. It’s always been a caterpillar and days spent in a dark gooey mess didn’t convince you any further of your beauty and your ability to fly.

And yet you can fly.

Transformations don’t come with a manual but they always come out of doors closing and new ones needing to open up.

Sometimes to reach the new doors, we need to shift and adjust our own vibration.

This can happen in many ways, but all the ways will ask you to let go and trust.

Shift inside out and you’ll be happy with the results

awakening of your powers
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