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Intuitive Baby Making

Most of my life I have had a broken boy picker.

Officially, I must have been the worst at picking the good ones. You could put me in a room with 100 guys, and I would pick the one with the most issues. Guaranteed.  I had the tools to ‘heal them’ so of course the Law of Attraction would put me with those who needed it. Right. Hum. Not great for family making scenarios though.

Yet I knew I had a baby boy coming.  I had felt him around me for years. So I surrendered.  I had learned greatness comes from surrendering so I did.

I told my baby boy: “You want to come through? You go find your father.”

She danced in the moonlight next to the fire and grabbed me. Belly to Belly, Jada Fire ignited my sacral chakra. I felt an intense release of energy in my lower belly. It wasn’t sexual. It was Tribal. It was African Soil. It was Life.

As a new mother herself, she passed on the flame of life to me. That was December 2010. I was pregnant February 2011. I doubted if I could get pregnant. I had never had any previous experience with pregnancy even without being the most careful.  Yet I knew deep within I would be a mother when it was time.

When I decided to live my life guided by my intuition, I discovered there was not a great need for ‘planning’.  In fact, most is revealed to us day by day.  I believe many people plan ahead as a way to have more control and security in  their lives.  I was thrown against the world without much of either so I am not the type to need planning for anything.

When I am told to teach a class. I teach a class. When I am told to do a retreat. I do a retreat. When I am told to have a baby. I have a baby. When I am told to go back to England, I go back to England.

So how did I end up meeting my enlightened husband?

Well, I flew back to London on a one way flight. I arrived at 11am on 11/11/09 and made my way over to a friend of a friend of a friend’s apartment whom I had never met but felt a deep connection with her. She is the great Carina from I knew we were kindred spirit.  She happened to also live in apartment #11.

At least I knew Angels were with me and I was on the right path.

Weeks went by.  I worked on a few people, met a few new ones, loved every minute in London but still I asked one night while walking through Hyde Park..:

“What am I doing here?”

They were so loud those babies, responding within seconds:

“You told us to go find our father!”

Until then, I did not know that there was more than one child.  But ok. Guide me!

Next thing I know I meet a woman named Marie and I find myself in a whirlwind of private angel sessions all over Paris working on 22 people in 5 days.  I didn’t even know I could do it all in French but when I surrender and let God, I know that everything is so easy.

Marie had met my husband to be, Dan, in Los Angeles that September ’09.  She had flown from Paris to LA to go to a conference he also attended.  They met as friends (Dan is a friendly guy) and kept in touch. I met Marie in London.  She lived in Paris.  She told me to go to Paris and work on her and her friends. Ok then. Another sign, another path revealed. I kept going with the flow. I was so incredibly busy, and I was not thinking about who the father of my children could be.

Then Marie tells me about Dan and how they had just met.  “Perhaps you should contact him.” She said. “He might be interested in what you do.”

I did not think anything of it. We became Facebook friends and never met.  Months went by. Relationships went by. I worked on my broken boy picker. I joined a women’s group which gave me a rigid look at my past addictions to romance and sex and all of the cravings that takes place in our sacral chakra when it’s imbalanced.

The women’s group gave me a challenge. No contact with any males for at least 30 days. No sex. No romantic movies. Nothing. Just phone calls with a bunch of women.

Wow! No contacting old flames either? I endured the process. It was hard. It was all that you could imagine with withdrawals and all. The women’s group reshaped who I was.

After the 30 days went by, I felt renewed. I became friends with Dan and our friendship grew. He would not stop showing up for me. Anywhere I invited him to go, he came. Anything I needed, he was there for me. He became a great friend. I soon realized,  ‘Here’s an incredible man with so many great qualities.  How come I did not see them before?” I could not see them before. I had to get rid of the old stuff first. It was a lot of work. A lot of healing took place for me.

We taught a live course in Las Vegas together called Earth Angels in Training.

We fell in love.

I was scheduled to fly to France for Christmas, and as he had done for the prior 2 months, he showed up and came with me to Europe. For someone like me who dealt with so many losses, here was a man who kept showing up, lovingly and fully.  Together, we flew to the Alps for New Years and visits with my family. I attempted snowboarding for a day, and in the midst of it all, I managed to sprain both of my wrists. At this point, I could not do any of the things that we take for granted when having two hands, but everything was perfect because I ended up with a loving man, who did everything for me, in the most Romantic City in the world.

Paris with both wrists out of service

In Paris, we had a a great apartment all to ourselves thanks to the generosity of a client who let us stay there.  Dan learned to put on my make up, my clothes, and open every door for me. I could not use my hands for 4 weeks.  There is no better way to bond with somebody and see their true colors. The experience taught me about patience, letting go and slowing down. It would be months before I could workout in Hot Yoga class. I could not do nearly as much as I normally would.  I thought to myself, were all of these things preparing me for mommy hood?

We ran to Notre Dame on January 11, 2011 at 1:11PM and married each other with Archangel Michael as a witness. Invisible rings. It was beautiful.

A month later, it was Valentine’s Day. Dan had learned to channel, and while we were painting canvases for our romantic evening, he tells me he heard the voice of a baby: “I am here already!”

My heart stopped. In this moment, I did not know if I should be happy, or if I should cry. So much searching for the father of my child. So many years longing for my baby to come. “I am here already”.

I knew that Dan had heard correctly.

A couple of days prior to this, Dan had channeled by mother from the other side. Knowing nothing of her, he was able to tell me that she had a coffee birthmark on her arm.  “She had showed it to me”, he said.  I knew he was a skilled channeler. He had taken many of my courses. He knew how to hear voices from the other side.

Ok then. “So do you want a baby?” I asked him. “Oui”. Ok then. We were pregnant within days.

Just as his father was, that baby was here to say.

His due date was 11/11/11.

When our baby was born, the first thing he did was smile at the both of us. My baby was finally here and he was gorgeous. Big eyes full of love. He looked around the bathtub at everyone within seconds of his birth. It was 4am on 11/12/11.  We had a home birth, raw, naked in the tub with Dan behind me helping me through every contraction, every push. We were together. Finally.

Thank you Life. Thank you Hayden for coming. Thank you for your smiles, your generosity, your sweetness and kindness. Thank you Dan for being an incredible intuitive partner by my side. The adventure continues!

I share this story with you to inspire you.  Living life led by intuition is a miraculous way to live.

With deep gratitude for your visit. If you enjoyed the story, share it freely with those whom you think would like it.

To your intuitive life!

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