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I fired my guides…and got new ones ;)

Hello Planetary Souls

I have spent the most hilarious week writing a whole new ebook that had me laughing out loud. It wasn’t me writing, I was being shown exactly what to write and how.

I knew they were coming. My new guides. I had a moment this past summer where I realized my guides were too serious. My wisdom council needed a little bit of fairy dust added to them.

So I fired them.

I did.


Ok so not entirely, but I added a few new ones I thought could lighten up the seriousness of my mission.

Here is a little sample for you.

In front of the Earth Angels in Training ebook, is a warning label…

I thought it would be necessary to ‘warn’ would be adults that they were about to make a great big shift over to their right brain which also happens to be their intuitive brain.

See, I am always creating goodies to help you have an amazing life guided by intuition.

Any other way to live is just boogers. It is down in the dump, swimming on top of piles of garbage, blindly, forever looking to catch your breath.

However, a little intuition added to life makes it brightly fun, much clearer and without having to repeat mistakes…

…Which some of the fairy friends I have don’t seem to get. I must be the biggest pain in the butt best friend ever.

You can’t ever complain to me.

I’ll have a buffet of options and services and book recommendations + meditations – anything to help you never have drama in your life again.

If you attempt to tell me it’s ‘his’ fault, I will look at you and see exactly what it is in you that’s attracting that type of man or problems or relationships and I will lovingly show you what you can release so you never have drama in your life again.

If you tell me you are broke, I’ll whip up my magical wand, turn your root chakra back on and ask you to release your fear around money cuz it’s messing up with my magic! 😉

I dropped her off at the airport this morning at 5:30am. My darling friend Farrah. I didn’t mean to even say it but it blurted out of me: “Of course he’s not committing to you, you’re not even committed to yourself!”

That was harsh.


Ok step back. How can I be more compassionate? It didn’t make sense to me. She didn’t want to be in a relationship (that I saw clairvoyantly) and yet was asking for commitment…no wonder reality wasn’t matching up. When your subconscious belief says no and you consciously say yes… you’re not gotta get what you want.

Her mom said it differently: “Farrah, life is like a wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you’re down.”

Ah yes. The ever entertaining karmic wheel of life.

One minute you have everything, the next you’re back to square one.

One minute you’re engaged, the next you’re not.

One moment you have money, and soon enough it’s all gone.

Ok I know, you get the point, you’ve been on earth long enough to know what I am talking about.

Everyone is subject to it, no matter who you are, how much money you have, it is there imprinted on anyone who crosses the planetary border.

the yin and yang. the have and have not. happy and then not happy. back and forth. making money. spending money. making love. fighting. healing. sick again. it never ends.

However, I am one sneaky little fairy angel (goddess).

I was gifted a fairly loud megaphone that reaches God’s ears in a nanosecond and I put in a complaint.

Surely there must be a way out of this cage, I am tired running on a spinning wheel, I am not a hamster!

God is a good God. I got an answer.

Well, I am one persistent, stubborn (courageous) 29 year old (new mama) So He sort of had to answer me or I wasn’t letting up.

The little bit of magic is flowing through me and it’s what we’ll be doing in Hawaii and later online from the comfort of your own home. Flying lessons begin October 10th + sooner by getting the ebooks and starting on your own and with any videos I’ll send your way from Hawaii. Angel Flight Lesson Sign Ups at

But I know what some may be possibly thinking: How preposterous of me to think I  know how to help you be self-realized!?

I am not doing it, I am just the messenger (Laughing out loud every bit of the way). If you are ready to build a bridge of light from the earthly chakras to the spiritual ones and live from your heart, there’s no more yin and yang.

Good by hamster cage. Good bye for good.

The bridge of light is taking you somewhere really good. A place where

you can have and you can keep what you have.

There are a few little tricks to finding the bridge and getting it to function with the exact calibration of your soul + DNA…but you leave all that up to me. For now there’s a charming little ebook called Creating Sacred Spaces that is out and ready to be enjoyed in a warm bubble bath along with some crystals.  All available as soon as you sign up for the Goddess Retreat (at home).

Congrats to the ones who have already signed up and if you can’t take it this year, I’ll be offering this course for the next 100 years – or longer – depending on how long I decide to stick around. (I mean, fly around).

big warm hug


Ps: Look what I saw in the sky after dropping off Farrah at the airport this morning: A number 3 cloud! It’s the number for the Ascended Masters 🙂 It was so beautiful with the sunrise behind it, lighting it up.

3 Cloud
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