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How you can turn your sensitivity into a gift the world needs

Hi Mentors + Guides

The ice around my hibernating mind has been sawing these past few weeks and there’s a ton of new content I am creating to help you shift from sensitive and often overwhelmed earth angel to an empowered healing dove, or my latest: energy babe + beau 😉

Now let me ask you:

  1. Why do we seek to shift how we feel?

  2. How can you transform your sensitivity into a gift the world needs?

  3. What makes you an earth angel?

Fanny Pack Q&A Friday is officially here and it’s full of beats and magic and powerful healing energy to help answer the questions above. I answer Sophia’s Q, which was one of my questions years ago when I absorbed so much energy from others + the city at large and did not know how to let go of it, efficiently.

In this week’s video I give you a few simple steps to begin (or continue for the experienced energy babes + beaus) to use your innate intuition to sense it, acknowledge it… and release it.

  1. Video being edited – I’ll repost when it’s live.

Truth & Dare Party time:

Truth: “Gotta feel it to release it baby.”

Dare: Who is willing to start singing / posting / living this mantra for a while and sharing it on social media? 🙂

Have fun. I heard life was short so live it light,

Danielle Dove

PS: You can enroll in Earth Angel in Training intensive happening at the virtual retreat 22 and 23 2014 to sharpen your intuitive abilities, receive a healing and a clearing through the lighstream and discover your psychic abilities.  Hurry on by, special saving + bonus ends March 2.

Spirit Guide and Angel Connection Virtual Retreat

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