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How to manifest with Gratitude

Fo this exercise you will need a timer (kitchen one will do or a fancy app on your iphone/ipad)

Turn it on to 30 seconds

For now, we’re going to start with manifesting something you don’t have a lot of attachment towards…for example, manifesting more rain if you live in the desert like me…or sunshine if you happen to need more sun.

Close your eyes, think of  the rain has already here.

For 30 seconds, turn on all your senses… smell the rain, feel it on your skin, bathe in inner love and gratitude for the clouds, the earth bringing rain to your land.  You can feel joy it’s coming, you know it’s here. Dance around your living room celebrating the coming rain (even if it’s 100 degrees outside and no clouds in sight) and affirm


Do the same for the sunlight if that’s what you need…feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, feel the heat from your body receiving the sun’s rays. Think, Feel, See the sun.

Do your dance… celebrate and affirm: “WOULDN’T BE COOL IF THE SUN CAME OUT AND IT WAS WARM AND SUNNY!???”

How easy was that? All you got to do is let go, know it’s been heard, know it’s been created and get on with your life.

NOTICE I didn’t write “Now go try and figure out how it’s to come about”  😉 

if you are trying to figure it out…. can you let go of trying to figure out how it’s going to come about?

(just say yes – that will quiet the mind….and keep saying yes… ).

Now pick something you do have more interest in manifesting (ie: more attachment and feelings within) such as…manifesting more love and joy in your life? More $$$/sense of security? Adventures? Comfy home? Self-Realization? Yoga Retreat? It’s just as easy. The goal is to get to the same place of ‘hootlessness’…

wouldn’t it be cool/fun/awesome if…. _____ fill in the blank

Let’s turn on your creativity, activate your sacral chakra (ie: INNER CHILD) and IMAGINE:

your goal is already here with you now. The more you can be buoyantly grateful and giddy, the faster the manifestation.

For 30 seconds bathe in the reality of its fragrance, shape, feel, just be grateful and hang out with ‘it’





Next create a bubble of energy around it…see the deep gold that surrounds it. Inside are all the fun images you felt with your beingness and saw with your inner eye, and knew it as real.

Read the next line and then close your eyes again (I know always tricky reading and visualizing at the same time).

Next focus on seeing a large pearly white light far far away – way beyond the galaxy, the earth, the universe – you can see angels there as well – and let your ball of light go up to that pearly white light…

Let go. Know it is complete.

Manifesting by way of gratitude is a powerful way to raise your vibration.

If doing this exercise is challenging, I recommend you begin the exercise by first thinking of 10 gains you had today… a gain can be as soft and gentle as someone saying hello to you, or going outside and loving the weather, it could be an unexpected monetary gain, it could be leaving work early, having someone buy you a cup of coffee or lunch, anything but if it felt good and you didn’t expect it, write it down as a gain, feel grateful for it. It’s a fast way to heaven on earth – feeling grateful for what you have.

easy, simple, truthful… as it often is.

Love and Light,

Danielle Dove.

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