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How to make decisions when you don’t have time

how to make decisions quickly

As some of you may know,

I have found myself at a crossroad recently.

Two days before heading back home to the States from a 2 and half months vacation in France with my son Hayden (20 months at the time), my beloved hubby and twin flame tells me he would like us to separate.

I had to make a decision quickly without my emotions getting in the way.

I had to trust this was all happening for the best.

I had to also completely love and accept myself for having made the decisions to come to France in the first place.

I knew we needed a break.

Heaven had even asked me: are you willing to take full responsibility for whatever happens if you leave?

I said yes.

I needed this more than I needed security.

I needed a trip more than I needed the safety of a cozy home.

I needed to move out of a comfort that was so nice, I no longer wanted to fully live.

I had to put myself through the tests of life that had helped me become the spiritual woman I am today.

So how do we make decisions as spiritual women choosing to have a magical experiences?

We sit in meditation,

We breathe and when we feel stress, we remember the most important is to not make any rash decisions.

In that moment, Ihad to be impartial whether I went back to the States or whether I stayed in France.

I had to feel safe and secure either way.

Tip #1: feeling safe and secure.

When we are in that space of the higher mind, we are 100% intuitive, so it’s a requirement to be in that all knowing place, no matter the decision I make, to get on the plane or not, I am safe and all is well.

I might have still slept curled up in a ball and cried my eyes out, but the intention was set in stone: we are safe and all that we need to know is revealed to us and all that we need comes to us.

Step #2: Get away from negativity…

and from beating yourself up as much as you can. Release the need to criticize or blame anyone else and yourself included.

We remember to do that because as meditation queens my darlings, we can only move forward if we accept the decisions we have previously made.

We can only become who we were meant to become if we accept all that we have created and adore ourselves in the process.

Step #3 Sit & Feel

HOW option A would feel if you were to move forward…

Ask God/Spirit/ Intuition to show you what happens if I go down this path?

What do I need to be prepared for if I go?

When I asked them to show me what it would feel like if I stayed in France I felt the most loving green energy in my heart chakra and so much opening and lightness. It felt very good to stay.

You too can warm up your intuitive muscles by first asking your body:

show me what a yes feels like…close your eyes and wait to feel something in your body. Then ask… show me what a no feels like.

For a yes you might feel a lot of light sparkling energies in your chest and for a no it might be of a much heavier tone.

Then when I asked, “show me what happens if I take Option B, going back to Vegas”, I quickly felt it would pull my energy down and I would feel very depressed. Things would be very challenging.

Step #4: See where doors open or closes.

We felt within our body which path may be best.

Next, it’s time to take steps to see where the doors open or closes in your real life.

If it’s extremely easy for you to go down Option A because doors and signs lead you down that path, then you know that is it!

If simultaneously doors close on Option B, then it’s confirmation you were meant to take Option A.

Now there is a caveat to this dear ones.

You always have the power within to open the doors that closes.

You can always push them open.

You can always force them to open.

And sometimes you may really have to kick some open.

Other times, the doors that close will be favors to help you make the best decisions.

Angels can always guide you in the best direction of your dreams,

but they also know the best way to get you to see there is another option, is to help you by closing some doors,

and giving you signs as to where there is that other open door for you.

You might just have Option C you never thought was possible.

And it might just be.

So have faith and trust:

No matter what you are safe on the journey of happiness and freedom.

To your intuitive life!

hayden and mom love


PS: Now your turn to chime in with your truth! How do you make decisions quickly?

Did you use these steps before and were you happy with the path you chose?

Write, release, share and inspire!


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