How to Live a Lucky Life

Hello Thankful Soul!

Want to live a lucky life?

I am oozing with mucho gratitude for life these days. I can’t explain it but it looks like good old Mercury has been cleaning the last cobwebs out of my mind + heart and it feels so spacey, roomy and fun inside me.

This is how I feel,

Happy Clam Swingin'

My son (Hayden) did a much better job at portraying it then I did.

Check out my latest mommy fun while baby naps project, a Salvador Dali camera lens on my Ipad! Pretty cool right?

This week I have so many awesome free gifts + opportunities to get you feeling as happy as a Hayden Clam Swingin’. Keep on Readin’ Soul Journeyer.

I had soo much fun creating a Spiritual Riches Worksheet + meeting with a Master from Burma and letting my soul dance around a Goddess Temple with 4 other gracious gorgeous women.

Oh Blessed Holiday!

December already?? I’ve had to catch myself: it’s not August anymore. December is just around the corner. How did it happen? Many times a week I still think we are in the summer and September is yet to come.

Maybe it’s because since August,

I sort of left the planet to lead 2 retreats and travel to the Hawaiian Islands.

I wrote 4 Ebooks in 4 weeks.