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How to get more done with less stress (Channeled message from Archangel Jophiel)

end your day feeling more satisfied

Question from Mary Jo:

I’d love to have more time to connect and meditate but I never feel I have enough time to slow down. How can I end the day feeling more satisfied with my progress? I feel like I am failing living without truly using my gift every day. Mary jo.

My dear Mary Jo, first let me congratulate you for having the awareness of two things:

1.You feel there is more to you and your purpose and you are trusting that instinct.

2. You are also aware there is stress + anxiety getting in the way of your freedom to develop your intuition.

The short answer is this: Ideally, when we begin the day in positivity + gratitude + faith, the day will have more space to it. You will feel effortlessly guided towards the highest and best in the easiest way possible and things will fall into place easily so you do have more time for you and your interests.

You will be told where to go by your guides and angels if you have a spiritual program that engages their help.  It doesn’t necessarily require hard work, unless ‘letting go’ is hard work for you to do (it is for most of us!).

I have found this tool really helpful:

Record in your journal what you did to let go and what were the positive outcomes that came from the practice of letting go.

Use these as examples and proofs for your mind (which is often fearful of letting go) that it did work over and over again.


When I let go and let it be, good things come my way throughout the day.

Now how about those days when you wake up feeling lousy and no matter what you do, nothing helps you get back to peace and gratitude?

Here’s a channeled message + how to guided video + free mp3 to help you get back to your powerful inner peace so you too can create more ease + flow throughout your day.

archangel jophiel and danielle dove channeling messages from your angels


Bonus MP3 recording:

This recording is to help you when your mind begins to disapprove of you or you feel a needy feeling, a lacking approval feeling.

Totally normal to have this feeling. What’s debilitating is to hang on to it without shifting it.

Have fun, go for it. Go for freedom!

Transcript of channeled message:

I am here with you my child,

Your question is very important to us.

So many times we watch you (and all of you watching)

trying to get to your ideal dreams.

Destinations your heart longs to experience and arrive at that place in due time is possible

Only we see you listening to and following your fears more often then your all guiding heart and intuition. 

Your heart will always guide you towards truth and the fulfillment of your desires.

It was created for that.

It was designed to serve as a second brain to process and function healthy cells throughout your body as well as process positive hormones and natural highs from life.

When stress occurs on the level of the mind and it shuts off energy of love and light the head/mind no longer has a grounding energy cord into love.


This is when one looses energy and begins to drink coffee to get started and encounters many delays and obstacles on their paths.

The way out of that debilitating cycle is to practice being in the now with your feelings.

For example, if you simply begin to recognize when you are wanting something you desire but it isn’t here in this moment, you could choose to breathe love into the lacking feeling immediately replacing lack by abundance.

How to do that?

You listen to this bonus guided recording as much as you can.

It will continue to train your mind that when something is missing, something else comes in to hold love and support you.

Because my dearest angels, the most important for all of you on your journey today is not so much to acquire and store away.

The most important is to welcome the emptiness, love it so much that it dissolves back into an abundant feeling.

Now for many of you, you do have needs and desires that are essential to your well being.

To this we say:

Of course! We are here to assist you to get there energetically and physically.

But do you recognize even if for just a moment the power you’d have to manifest it in the now

if you already felt whole and complete? If you think having it would bring you to experience a certain way why not make the choice to feel that way now?

We can help you each moment of the day.

No feeling is ever too big to welcome and love and to dissolve.

If you ever need a bigger all loving heart space to believe and have faith just call on us.

With love and devotion,

for you too are the light.

Archangel Jophiel

Channeled by Danielle Dove.

March 14, 2014

Truth & Dare Party time:

Truth:Your heart will always guide you towards truth and the fulfillment of your desires.

Dare: Share your channeled message with at least one other understanding friend or if you feel up for it, share it by commenting on the blog. Would love to read what you got. Even if it’s one word, trust it!

Your turn to shine: How do you change a feeling of lack into love? What do you do to shift your frequency back to love? Leave your shining wisdom below.


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