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How do you know you are doing your right work?

Let’s say the clarity is here.

You feel good, aligned, fearless almost and you “know that you know” this is what you are meant to be doing AND you are certain you are also going to be taken care of by Life Itself if you jump right on to that new path….

How do you know that it’s the right move?

1. You can ask the angels for an obvious sign, something that just couldn’t happen by mere chance alone.

I call those my triple angel signs: pulling up behind a car that has the license plate + numbers + a sticker totally meant for you. Or the clock is at your favorite number as the song is playing on the radio and you pull up behind a car with a message. Ya know like finding a feather in a cooking pan in the kitchen. There’s no way that ended up there by accident!

danielle feather photo

2. Something really meaningful and unique happens after you have received the call to action or meditated on what to do.

It feels as though time stands still and heaven is a little bit closer to earth.

I will share with you what prompted me to write this article today… my sweet son (while breastfeeding) raised his little finger and touched my eyelid gently, over and over again. He had never done this previously. Out of 16 months of cuddling and breast-feeding , never had he raised his finger and touched my eyes.

I had just come out of a deep morning meditation during which I received visions of where I was taking my light work. I was wondering if it was the right decision. His innocent little finger gently touching my eyelid was a beautiful confirmation my 3rd eye was seeing correctly.

Maybe it’s just gooey love mommy son stuff. But in that moment time stood still. I looked deep into his deep brown eyes and he seemed to be saying, “Yes maman, you can do it.”

beach breastfeeding

3. Sometimes signs can even come deep in the forest on a hike.

If you decide to sit on a rock, pick the one that really is the right fit. Be picky and keep walking until you have found the rock that feels like the perfect match. Go deep in a forest to rest your thoughts and rejuvenate. Sit on a rock and meditate with the forest. Nature angels know your deepest fears and highest dreams. They are in direct communication with the angels and archangels and guides.

I once had a fairy come to my right hand and shake it up and down. My good friend Baron was with me and he helped me understand why my hand was shaking up and down so much. I had to promise I would do something for them. I said yes before knowing what it was for I felt safe and confident they were for my highest and best.

4. Take a nap even if you have a ton of work to do and don’t have time.

Pay attention to what you hear or see or smell when you wake up! You may receive an image of a coffee shop to go visit, a friend to call or even smell chlorine or salt: time to head for the pool, or even better the beach!

After a long deep nap I awoke to my phone ringing. It was a book editor putting together an anthology and she was wondering if I would write a chapter on fairies! It was days after my hike to Mount Charleston here in Nevada and of course I said yes. You can find the book here on Amazon. I ended up writing not one, but two chapters 🙂

5.  You feel pulled to call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

You may have a million excuses as to why you can’t meet with them now but you know this is a high quality friend and good can only come from your interaction with this person.


Often you will hear a direct answer to your questions said through them, and they may not know what your questions were or even believe in angels.

I believe we are all here to feed one another and that’s the truest definition of heaven.

Where we care and do our best to be outstanding brothers and sisters.

Everyone can have a message for you, even a random wise old man on a train as I have met many in my travels.

Once a woman sat across from me. Her 13 year old son had just died. I felt him. I helped her grieve. I wasn’t supposed to be on that train from Paris to Geneva, I was going to go earlier but decided to grab a later train.

I have many train stories such as these.

They are powerful.

6. Watch your relationships improve when you are doing the right work for you. 

It seems obvious, if I am doing what I love of course I would be happier, nicer and feel more friendly around my loved ones.

But it’s more subtle than that.

It’s more about whether we are doing the right work at the right time and not too much of it and are we having healthy boundaries? Are e we taking care of ourselves and stepping into a project or an idea at the right time… now instead of in 2 months? Are we entering this project with enough help and enough surrender to be guided?

And if your relationships are always happy and loving, then perhaps you might be able to gauge and receive your sign of doing the right work if you feel happier lighter and more self loving. If the days you used to dread most (week-ends? Mondays? Holidays with family?) are turning to be more fun than before and you feel happier on those particular days, something you are doing is the right thing.

7: If money is abundantly and unexpectedly falling your way, while you are living your usual happy life, (without taking on extra work, stress, having to be more competitive, feel bad about the actions you have to take to make the extra money) in others words, it truly just shows up in your life…all you may have needed to do is just be guided to take step a or b or c… then you are definitely doing right work for you!

8… Lastly if you post on social networks, check out if more people are liking what you are doing and showing up for your services.  The Life Shifting Pledge I sent out got 10 likes on FB in just a couple of hours which is groundbreaking for my website (-;

What’s the number 9 and 10 ways YOU receive unique signs? Start the Conversation below and I’ll pick two that I love, add them to this article with your name/website. Remember ‘done is better than perfect’, Us ladies can be perfectionist to a fault. It won’t be published until you feel totally happy about it

Oooooh I love you bundles!!!

Can you feel my heart to heart hug coming at ‘ya?

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