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How do I know my intuition is right?

how can i know my intuition is correct

Hey there love,

Have you ever had someone try to tell you how to live your life  and their suggestions awakened a mini volcano inside of you?

You wanted to crawl out of your skin in resistance – what they were saying to you felt completely off?

“How dare they try and tell me what to do and how to live? No I don’t want (insert) anymore, it just feels off…. Or… I don’t want to go back to school… Yes I want to move…Where? I don’t know (yet) Or… I know what I am doing… it feels right to me… it makes me feel good….”


Meet with your BS detector.

You were born with it.

It’s meant to help you out of the thick fog, find your truth and help you make decisions.

It’s also made to help you stay honest with yourself and your goals.

It’s your compass – your internal guidance system – your Clair-sentience.

It calls out BS when it reads or hears something that isn’t in alignment with your highest and best.

That way you can quickly and easily just go towards what feels good and align with what you need while you are here.

There is always way more assistance and help within and all around us than meets the eye.

Let’s prove it to yourself.

Now in the scenario above, and in any situation where you ever felt that inner alarm go off,

their idea of what you needed may not have been completely wrong.

It’s just that it didn’t resonate with you as truth.

Maybe they were coming from a place of fear and worry for you.

And they really didn’t need to worry, you knew things would work out. You had faith.

Something in you, felt guided, led to something more in alignment with your truth.

You couldn’t describe it – and when you tried to explain it – it took the wind right out of you, they doubted in your feeling: your clear knowing. 

Of course they would doubt in it – it’s your feelings – no one else can be asked to have so much selflessness that they would feel your truth for you and try to convince you of it.

You wouldn’t listen to it anyhow…


You came in with another sweet heavenly program:


“Don’t tell me what to do”



We all have it.

It’s a gift really.

When used properly, it can help a 2 year old learn important habits of self-reliance,

or a 40+ year old finally get on the path of living out their truth.

Don’t tell me what to do ought to be completed with:

I know the truth because I am so in tune with it. Thank you for your suggestions, I know what I am doing with my life.

But the truth is,

we rarely have the second half of that sentence.

We don’t always have it because we don’t always trust our BS detector.

We simply weren’t trained to believe in it.

We were taught to fill up any inner sense of lack with activities, love, romance, movies, pop corns and a drive in.

You know… things.

Material, tangible, real things.

Or People.

Lots of people.

Cell phones and TV shows.

People People People.

A bunch of them so we can rely on each other to be our higher power  (yes been there, have you?).

And it’s all sweet and amazing that we are at peace and love each other, honestly so grateful for that.

But the issue from my point of view is we all got each others energies on top of our guidance system and it’s screwing things quite a bit.

A whole lot.

If you’ve got your hubby’s energy on top of your crown chakra, how are you going to connect to your higher self and know your truth?

It could be different from his.

In fact it could be so different from his that you end up splitting up.

Or your children if at some point they need to start being in touch with their own intuition but relied so much on you as the parent to help them find their truth, how can they detach energetically and strengthen their own faith in their own intuitive BS detector?

Frankly, if we all listened and trusted it more there wouldn’t be a need for ‘don’t tell me what to do’.

That’s the back up plan in case the detector didn’t work in the first place.

If you truly knew what you were doing was exactly the right thing for you, it would show through in everything that you did.

But we get trapped in this other programming:

wanting other people’s approval.


That’s the golden nugget dangled in front of our eyes when we incarnate on this earth: we think having someone’s approval becomes our source of love and thus our source.


How do we reclaim our energy, our truth and our BS detector to be all ours and nothing but ours so we can move away from situations we feel terribly stuck in and towards situations where we are thriving and flying high?

Where we don’t even attract people in our reality who out of kindness and compassion feel the need to give us a

‘reality check’?

It begins with the simple recipe of trusting your inner BS detector.

That same energy that feels resistance to the news or other suggested lifestyle is the same energy that will help you know if you should move to Paris or New York.

If your love and creativity will be best in the South or North, if you should buy or sell that house, if you should take that course or this one, if you should go on that retreat or not, if this healer/teacher/mentor can help you solve a long-standing issue in your life or not.

It’s the same all loving, flowing energy that will guide you towards the very best.

In other words, if you trust yourself long enough to know the answers, you’ll be correct 100% of the time.

shiny objects

How can I be so sure you could be 100% correct?

Because we are all in either two state of being:

we are either trusting, loving, all positive and on a higher vibration (think innocent newborn love), all is well and I have faith

or we are

negative, tired, regretful, feeling guilty, lusting, angry, cranky, desperate, scared and thus completely 0% intuitive.

So for the questions below and any questions you’ll ever have, trust that if you are asking it when you feel more + than -, then the answer you’ll get is most likely correct.

You can’t be just a little intuitive or a little bit right. You either are intuitive or you aren’t.

You’ll get every question answered.

Now if you need the answers when you feel a ton of negative emotions coming up – trust that you will get the answers in due time.

They always show up.

It might be you need to experience a few more things before you can be aligned with the answer, but they will come.

stay in your heart

***Happy Soul Gym ****

Practicing and having fun with it.

I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you to begin trusting your inner guidance system and intuition:

It’s all at Happy Soul School

****free for a limited time only****

The BONUS Self Reliance workshop at The Happy Soul (just register to have access) 

  1. Clearly Identify if your plan B could be sabotaging your dream life.

  2. Who exactly have you given your power away to?

  3. Who do you associate with ‘love’ or ‘abundance’ or ‘home’ and are those thoughts limiting you from getting off the track of Plan B to live out Plan A?

  4. Reclaim your energy, move anyone’s energy off of your intuitive antennae and your root chakra.

That should get you way closer to getting paychecks from God, travel and be guided right along living your life purpose.


Life can shift with your open mindedness, willingness and honesty.


Meet your BS detector: trust it and your life flows.


Danielle Dove.

your gift to happy soul eschool
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