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Heart Opening Experience – 50K Funnel Update Week 3

Launching something new can be stressful – so at first my heart was a bit into ‘how am I going to do this’!!

I think Traci and I were both freaking out that week and the week after.

And then the divine intervened, thank you! And got us both to have very fun time offs that were very heart opening.

On my end I ended up camping with a community of people who felt so much like a kind heart centered tribe.

We were in nature, my son could run around with other children play on stacks of hay while I attended life changing workshops on kindness, hugs and love. He even got to ride his first poney while we were there.

I got to meet this awesome lady Mariane who does free hugs in Marseille and also leads workshops on heart to heart hugs and more. It was truly an amazing amazing experience. I fell in love with all of humanity again and also filled up on so much unconditional love. Doesn’t she give you the sense of Mary Magdalene?

I also got to get a massage and another healing session, it was all so fun and so freeing to live in a space removed from any city and any to dos while the kids played with each other and all was well.

So I came back really inspired and a new creative flow came in.

It’s so vital to stop and let go when we sense we’re too much all up in our head.

Mariane reminded me we have a heart brain as well and it really has an incredible intelligence.

One of my most successful client to date I think – one of them – keeps having to go to the spa to chill, relax and reboot and often ends up meeting clients there as well, while getting her pedicure. Or she plays and has fun and because she’s programmed with the more I play the more money I make, the more comes in (I’ve downloaded that program as well so it’s often true for me, would you like it too?).

I have more to share about the funnel updates and how I ask questions to really fine tune what it’s about.

We will have a quick preview of it for Meditating with Angels coming up next week.

Excited and happy xo

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