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Healing Dove Therapy: A Beginning

Spiritual Adventures

July 2011

Greetings from my smiling heart to yours!

It is my greatest pleasure to announce some fun changes in my life and in the life of Divine timing has brought me many surprises this year. First I am six months along with a baby boy to be due – of course – on 11/11/11. Doctor’s prediction, not mine… …yes… the angels have a way of making us smile 🙂

Archangel Michael reminded me months ago that I had some other projects to ‘birth’ if you will before I could have my children. He said it in his usual Archangel voice and I thought, geez what could it be…? Today I am happy to announce www.HealingDove-Therapy.coma pathway to heaven on earth is launched with the mission to empower and certify talented lightworkers and healers to embrace their gifts and share them with their communities. The website offers a listing of local Healing Dove Therapy Practitioners along with a forum, blogs, upcoming videos and online meditations.

The first Healing Dove Therapists will be introduced on International Angel Day at Ganesha Center on September 10th. Please join us for an angel filled day!

If you too feel you are not part of the ‘Muggle world’, but know you’ve got some gifts to develop and explore, then take a look at the next healing retreat / certification I am organizing for the week-ends of September 24-25 and October 1-2. It offers much more than a 5 day certification retreat as you’ll have online support and teleconferences each month for a year.

I’ve decided to rename the newsletter to Spiritual Adventures so it could be more in alignment with what I am offering you each month. Let me know if you wish to stay on this ride with me or unsubscribe.

Frankly, my inner fairy child, just loves the word Adventure. It speaks of spontaneity, unknown possibilities and of availability. When I awaken and begin my day asking for Creator to show me what is needed of me today – it’s an adventure!

….When we treat life as an adventure and especially a Spiritual Adventure then all of our bases are covered.

You can team up with Spirit as Creator, Mother Father God and know before you engage in your adventures that it be joyful, serene, truthful, fun, and always for your highest and best… and from there you are actively creating a pathway to heaven on earth.

May the angels in your life guide you daily and inspire you to have more Spiritual Adventures.

In blissful devotion,

Danielle Dove

Angel Therapist® Energy Healer Co-Founder of Las Vegas, USA 702.425-3241

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