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Healing Day with the Angels + Ascended Masters

I love angels

I love them for they are my heaven on earth – deep within my heart

They represent the epitome of all embracing love – which is something we long so deeply here on earth.

Just as the sun shines on everyone, Angels love on everyone.

Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or past karma.

They inherently believe that everyone is truthfully of love and good in every way.

They are also fervent believers that if given enough opportunities to remind us of our awesomeness any unfavorable past programming can be transmuted and replaced with the truest beliefs and gorgeous reality.

I had a day of healing last week, as I do regularly.

I can spend 8-12 hours in complete solitude, tucked away in my sacred space, writing, listening, processing, purging old wounds, changing beliefs, cutting cords, releasing entities, illuminating my chakras, looking at past lives,  and just hanging out ever so sweetly with the ascended masters, angels and guides I have known to be of the truest light and always so ever helpful.

I need those healing days like I need air.

As an empath I can hear people’s thoughts, see their past lives, feel their feelings by simply being in their presence.

If I know them and love them, it’s even worse.

It can be exhausting for me to be around people who aren’t listening to their authentic guidance for I feel not only the angels cheering them on – that’s the good part – but within my body I also feel their resistance, their fear and know the ancestral beliefs and programming keeping them from waking up out of the matrix.

As I said, I need a whole lot of me time to unplug.

After my last Healing Day, I had the most vivid dream:  in my dream I found myself meditating for hours in a sort of trance in front of Lahiri Mahasaya’s gold light tomb guided by his great grand son. 

I had no idea he had a great grand son.

When I awoke from the incredible dream during which I spoke to Lahiri and his great grand son, Yogi Shibendu Lahiri, for what felt like hours, my good earthly guides Google and Youtube had to show me the face of Lahiri’s great grandson.

It was exactly as he appeared in my dream!

(Except he had hair in my dream.)

He had walked me around his healing space and for a few hours he talked about conducting retreats and sort of gave me the worried look of a caring grandfather when I told him how drained I was after my last retreat.

I think he gave me some pointers.

I was listening.

If you are not familiar with  Lahiri Mahasaya he studied under Babaji and helped revive Kriya Yoga.  He became known worldwide when Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi went viral (in the 1950s).

While I have experienced such incredible connection with ascended masters such as Yogananda and Jesus and Krishna I was so pleasantly surprised to have Lahiri Mahasaya come to me and share his incredible light with me.

These dreams and visions are such sacred reminders of my calling here on this planet.

Of my teachers who came before me.

They inspire me to bow down in humility and always bring me back to what matters:

There is a sacred space both within me and above me where people are cheering me on.

Answering my every questions.

Rooting for me to ‘get it’.

To awaken out of the matrix.

To see it all as pure divine oneness.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Archangel Raziel and I felt his heart literally beam with gratitude when I guided those in the Law of Attraction Twin Flame Love Course to their Akashic records so he can fulfill his mission of eradicating all hurt, pain body, and among many more, unnecessary karmic resentment from the records so peace on earth can be possible.

You see if the records are cleared of any memory of violence,

if our DNA and History is cleared of ever needing “to kill to survive”,

Of ever having been killed, tortured or persecuted…

What are we going to be left with? 

Smiling, giving, blowing kisses enlightened children who are here with us now and have never ever known violence.

Clear your karma for the new earth

You may have heard of books and speakers talk about the awakening of Christ within Us All

It is totally absolutely happening.

It does mean

we all become healers

we all have the DNA to be all loving all the time

we still get to have feelings

we still get to have lives

but fear passes through and out of our cells us in seconds

instead of staying with us for years and making us ill

Learning this language of energy which we are all awakening to helps us be that much more healing, sensitive, wise and transforming to our community.

I recently made peace with all of my feelings.

And as an earth angel it means I may not get drained by personal relationships as I used to.

It means good news for everyone for I might be able to do more, give more, share more of Creator’s gift through me.

Healing Dove Check in…

  1. What do you feel from reading this blog post?

  2. Have you experienced such vivid dreams with guides and angels? Make sure to record them in your Sacred Journal.

  3. Do you also feel guided to engage the help of ascended masters into your life to help you awaken, to give your life more meaning?

Healing Dove Opportunity…

Want to spend a Healing Day with the Angels but not sure what tools to use, where to start and what you need to strengthen your intuition?

I understand!

I wasn’t always as clearly intuitive as I am now.

It took many years of using different tools, learning what worked, seeing what didn’t and finding ways to release old draining energy the fastest. I was born into a family with a mother, brother, and father all scheduled to travel to the other side very early in my lifetime. It forced me to use my intuitive muscle and began remembering the intuitive language of energy so I could recognize, feel and hear them when they came through.

I have been speaking the telepathic language of energy since then and haven’t stop getting better and better every year.

With that said… there is a new opportunity to experience Healing Dove Therapy… I hesitate to talk about this here on this blog post but heck, here they go, angel nudges.. go on they tell me…so here it is!

I am offering a new service for my tribe. I almost want to whisper it as it is such a sacred offering. I almost want to channel it straight from spirit so it can remain as sacred on the website as it is in my heart.

It caught me by surprise. As always we are never fully ready for our next step until we accept it. And then we can grow into it.

What’s so new and sacred and fragile?

My 90 minute sessions are transforming into an

Exclusive VIP Healing Day with the Angels.

It’s exclusive for those who are familiar with my work and have taken my classes, workshops or retreats.

It’s truly not ready to be shared with everyone yet.

Only a few women are invited for this 6-8 hours of intense healing experience during which I will share with you the healing tools I have used to stay and grow so ever connected to wisdom and truth + happiness here on earth. It will be an intense meeting of kindred souls ready to launch a whole new world. With all the regressions, discoveries, clearings, channeling, planning, creating, aligning, calibrating we are meant to do together to help you grow,



shine brightly.

You’ll be hearing more from me about this new offering.

I am both excited, scared and apprehensive for I know it will take energy, focus and concentration from both of us.

I know it will take hours and hours of flying high.

Of meeting before, during and after the healing day to make sure everything is as it was meant to be.

I am also scared for I know it means your life will be changed forever and I better stretch tall into this new role and accept the responsibility in the most sacred and heartfelt way I am supposed to.

I feel as responsible as midwives bringing new babies into this world.

Only it’s different for it would be bringing back the highest most authentic expression of you.

Feels good to think about it right?

Email me your questions, your needs, and don’t forget to join me for my weekly free Angel Hugs /reading / healing / inspiring service.

With love, service, devotion and bubbles of light,

Danielle Dove.

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