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Good Anger. Bad Anger

Feelings will Come Up

World events, politics, health diagnosis, relationships – you’re in the world experiencing a myriad of emotions and reactions.

How can you best use your powerful innate gift of focusing on what you want to create change the fastest, for you, the earth and your children?

Let’s start with anger.

Anger is a very powerful tool for creating change. When it is used the right way.

Let me first ask you: when politics or world events frighten you do you: – feel muted and paralyzed – or can’t stop posting about it on your FB wall?

Either way, you want to feel heard and you want to feel as effective and productive towards the most ideal for our world as you can be right?

It’s time go in and remember: – just how influential your thoughts are on world events. – anger serves no one when it’s against what is instead of towards what you want. – anger towards what you want is a much more efficient way to get what you want.

Good Anger. Not so good Anger

We all know anger. We’ve gotten to experience it at a very early age. We also all know love.

And if you watch children they know – still – how to square their feelings with love. Meaning, they turn their inner emotional square over from anger – to love – from anger back to love. This internal movement of energy, releases the anger, transmutes it, internally so it doesn’t grow. And they become fast friends again. Now plenty of kids also know how to get angry towards what they want: that toy, more bed time…that food instead of the vegetables… they get angry towards what they want. See the difference? As adults don’t we tend to spend way more time feeling anger against? Than towards?

Let’s fix that so you too can get what you want, just like the kids always do right ? ?

First Clear “Anger Against”:

The most polluting and debilitating anger is the “anger against”. While it can feel like a fuel, it actually causes a lot of stress, un-productivity, and literally turns your blood acidic which leaves it more susceptible to disease and extreme fatigue and yes, burn out.

Now that list is probably enough to convince you, but anger against someone you see on TV or against events, also activates a few other things in the universe:

What you focus on, you create – and what are you focusing on when you are ‘against’ someone or something? What you don’t want.

Energy – negative or positive – comes back to you multiplied. It has a boomerang effect but with twice the velocity and thus energy.

Gossiping, talking about others in a negative way, all of that comes back, maybe not today, not right away but it does.

It’s much more productive to go into what is creating the anger and squaring it with love (and yes you can forgive, transmute and clear all energies already sent out into the world using your voice if you choose to cancel anything you have initiated).

What areas of your life and work are you often ‘angry against’ ?

Write about it. Ask to delete all energies sent from these thoughts. Clear Cancel Delete the thoughts – find the positives you can feel angry towards instead. I’m sending Archangel Michael to help you feel the fear perhaps under the anger (fear of lacking control?) and dissolve the fear with your breath and one inhale at a time into the white light.

Once you are done with the clearing above, let’s make sure you know how to square that anger into love – just before we let you get angry towards what you want.

Now want to try squaring anger with love?

Easy. Bring up an event, a situation that makes you really angry. Let it come up as best as you can. Can you feel it and still breathe? Now imagine the anger in your body, where do you feel it? It will feel dense. Wherever it is, can you now imagine the cube changes side and up pops up love. Now can you feel love and gratitude? Can you let it expand and multiply all around you? Feels good right? Now pop the square again over to the left, now can you feel anger against towards that same situation?

Still there? Normal. Feel it, breathe and when you’re ready, can you turn the square over to the left again and let love pop back up? Feels good right? And when you’re ready can you feel anger against again? And again to love?

Inspired by Hale Dowskin from the Sedona Method.

It is by clearing anger against that we regain the clarity and focus to do something about it that’s long lasting and effective.

Now I’m not known to quote the bible but this one really hits home:

Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

If you seek to build a new life or a new country with anger, it’s a vibration that’s not set in prayer and intuition. It unfortunately will lead to more of what you don’t want, as you already know.

Instead, go be a pro peace rally-er.

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”– Mother Theresa

Get Angry Towards What you Want:

Words have so much power – they literally can change the course of history. Back in ancient times, healers would literally speak to someone who was crippled and they would walk again.

I share more about the power of the voice here and be sure to ask for your powers to come back (intuitive powers and the power of the voice are two great ones to start with).

So what are some things you do want to see, demand, command ?

God, Goddess, you will provide us with __________.


God/Goddess/Universe – you will create world peace and you will do that now!

God/Goddess/Universe – I need help and I need it now.

…. you get the picture.

Anger towards is actually very empowering and helps us get really clear on what we are calling forward and choosing to manifest.

No One Person will Ever be Your Higher Power

No one is our higher power – no politician – no doctor no husband – no one but ultimately Mother Father God.

You have control over your body, your life, everything.

If you are pregnant and don’t want a child, you can literally ask your body to abort it and it will. True story.

It’s easy to have power over your reality – just decide that you do, and you do.

But protesting against anyone or anything is lowering yourself to their level. I would much prefer to see women so empowered that it didn’t matter who became their president – they knew they were the master of their own lives and that’s all that mattered.

Get empowered and get focused on what you want. Now is not the time to waste energy on hating anyone or anything.

Especially when it’s fear based.

Your Wisdom Matters:

Tell us below what are you ready to be active ‘towards’ – and what are the anger against you are ready to drop? 

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