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Goddess Retreat Hawaii!

Reviving the Goddess Spirit was out of this world High Energy!

Women are so amazingly beautiful, caring, thoughtful…they just know what the world needs and aren’t afraid to go and get it done + multi task while doing it! Yeah!

We did it all… meditations (cooking), talking (sharing), crying (laughing out loud), released, (cleared energies), channeled (ascended), and welcomed the most brilliant Goddesses of the Light to come down and pour uncondtional awesomness into all of us.

Ok so there were maybe some hiccups – our first retreat on a tropical island might have a few issues.  But on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high drama and zero none at all… we were at a 1… maybe a 2.  I think that’s amazing for 12 powerful Goddesses all under one roof for 7 days clearing up the old triggers and working all day!

We Created Sacred Spaces fearlessly, burning Epsom Salt all over the house. We meditated on the beach surrounded by local Hawaiians, we discovered Earth Angels in Training outside on a grassy hill through a fairy’s passage… we celebrated Courtney’s birthday at a local cafe and continued the Goddess Journey through the Living Goddess Guide and Journal.  We sat by the ocean calling on Yemanya and Pele and Bridgit.  We worked with Aphrodite and Demeter and Athena and we all channeled our inner child, inner wisdom and inner Goddess!

My last bonus to them all was a photo shoot on the beach. I will let the picture show you where they were on the last day of the retreat.

Goddesses I am so grateful, thankful and blessed to have shared that week with you all!

…and the journey continues with the Goddess Retreat …at home!

Check back for new dates in 2013!

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