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Goddess Retreat at Home * Ecourse

What!? Goddess Retreat at home! Yeah! 

  1. The Ecourse and Telecourse begins October 14 for 8 weeks.

  2. You will be in class during the next Mercury Retrograde which will help you tremendously!

  3. With Q&A on Forum answered all day + meet other like minded women who could be friends for life!

  4. and 5 Teleconferences to go over material – call in from anywhere in the world!

Come with us to Hawaii from the comfort of your own home!

Experience the retreat at your own pace. (Read more about the actual Hawaii retreat at

The angels guided me to offer it to more than only 11 women. ‘The Angels told me the craziest thing’ explains how and why I decided to take the time to offer it online.


In this Ecourse you will receive 4 Ebooks and 8 weeks to go over the material, which you get to keep forever.

Creating Sacred SpacesEarth Angels in Training + Living Goddess Journal & Living Goddess Guide

+..when you are ready for it…the Healing Dove Therapy Manual (140+ pages) to totally get your healing practice set up!

We are going to do our best to give you the highest quality of recordings, videos, pictures and meditations…. Handbook, ebook + invocations.

Anything we do you will get

Sacred Field Trip

When I get back we are going to do a field trip – free – to 3 sacred places in Las Vegas, so you can also experience the sacred ceremonies we did in Hawaii.

You will receive a basic certification in Healing Dove Therapy after completing the necessary exercises.

You save over $1000 by not having to travel there + lodging.

Now drum please for these incredible BONUSES

  1. By signing up for this workshop before September 15th you can attend any future basic level one Healing Dove Therapy Certification Retreat for FREE.

  2. We both know I will do this again in the future, and you can come for free… it might be in St Croix where my family and I are moving to in 2013.

  3. It might be in Hawaii again.

  4. You will only have to cover your flight + lodging for next year otherwise it is completely FREE! Flights to St Croix are the same price as to Hawaii and I know I’ll find us a house that’s very affordable.

  5. So what do you say!!!?

  6. you get over 20+ hours of recordings and videos from the Goddess Revival and Ascenson Retreat. We’ll take you with us in the car on the way to the waterfall site, we’ll take you with us during all of our Q&As, we’ll take you with us to our sacred ceremonies. We are taking you with us! (Editing out any part the beautiful Goddesses joinnig us at the retreat choose to keep private only to themselves).

  7. You must let me know by September 15th and save your spot – I am offering to 42 women max for now. 

+ If you are not in Las Vegas for the Sacred Ceremonies, we will do them online with you over the phone.

Goddess Friend Discount

  1. if you get a friend to sign up you get 50% off the tuition!

  2. that’s right, you pay only $242.50 if you have a friend pay the full $485. (you girls can work out the difference on your end, split the total among yourself and both save 🙂

  3. If you happen to pay in full now and have a friend join you later, she’ll pay the $242.50 and you girls work it out 🙂

What you will receive: 

  1. Creating Sacred Spaces – a 30 + page Ebook on how to Create Sacred Spaces in your home, with meditations, invocations with videos and how to commentaries by me, Danielle Dove throughout the course. This will also be covered during the Goddess Retreat (and shown to you via video) but only for one evening. With this exclusive offer you get 8 weeks to experience it at home + get to keep all the material!  

  1. Earth Angel Camp – a 60+ page Ebook

  1. Living Goddess Journal – a 20+ page living handwritten journal by me with pages for you to write and join me in this sacred revival. To be kept in a secret place just for your eyes, between you and the Goddesses of the Light.

  2. Healing Dove in Training – Basic Course (go to for all that it covers).

  1. Plus acces to a private forum where you can meet, write, explore and work on one another.

When you work with the Goddesses of the Light and God’s beloved angels, they always bring you all the energy you need to practice, receive and share your gifts.

It’s a true joyful path.

Bonus #1

Receive a free copy of Meditating with Angels – a powerful 60+mns of meditation to open, clear, activate and use your chakras, one at a time.

Originally sold as a healing session at $67 – Yours Free upon signing up. You can play it to fall asleep at night (catch great ZZZZZ) or to begin your day, feeling uplifted, loved and surrounded by your angels!

Bonus # 2 


Attendees have received it and told me: “your meditations are incredible! There’s something in your voice…”! (You need those meditations too and I can’t wait to share them with you!).

Investment in Ecourse + One day of Sacred Ceremonies

1. Healing Workshops with Danielle Dove

This ecourse is an answer to my prayer. I love doing private sessions but often I find myself wishing I had something to give afterwards so they can keep doing the work. You can pay $150 for a 90 minute session or for over 20+ hours of videos, recordings and all of my wisdom in 4 ebooks for $485.  I normally charge $999 for the Healing Dove Therapy Certification alone – so you are getting an incredible deal well worth over $2,000 🙂

$485 Full Course Payment

How did I decide on the price of $485? It flashed in my mind’s eye in the middle of the night. I looked up what it meant in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Number book.

 I fell in love with the message which was right on for me and all the women I know. I hope it speaks to you too. There is something really special about deciding you are ready to align with your highest good. It creates a beautiful priority to laser in and take action.

 Goddess Message:

Goddess Pele is the Goddess of Kona. I have connected with her before when I visited the island in 2008. Here is another message I received from her when I needed confirmation doing this retreat was for my highest good. I share this message with you as I believe it is for all of us:

“Strength comes when you need it. But you’ve got to walk into the very situations that will create the strength you need.Waiting to be ready is no longer your journey. You must take action long before you understand why or when for it will create the catalyst for change. It will be the seed that pushes the earth apart and forces your uniqueness into the world.Can you trust that every need is always fulfilled? When you create the need for strenght – by taking action – the need is fulfilled in the every day living.” The total investment for the Ecourse with 3 Sacred Ceremonies and the coursework is $1443 $485 

$485 Full Course Payment

Friend Discount $242.50

If you need to pay in two installments use the $242.50 add to cart button above and make second payment at a later time.

Option to pay by check, made out to Danielle Dove at 6718 Oxendale Av. Las Vegas, NV 89139 + it’s a tax write off possibly considered ‘education’ or ‘business’ (check with your accountant) 

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