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Go Free: Chakra Bliss Challenge

Go Free Chakra Bliss

“The limits of the colors is also the limits of the form” Paul Cezanne.

Your chakras are filled with light but it is their color, their vibrancy that limits the impact of your innate creative energy in your life.

  1. A dirty pale heart chakra, can’t manifest love or any tangible reasons to feel loved or loving.

  2. A weak throat chakra, has a hard time communicating and manifesting the reality of being heart and understood, just when it might be the thing you crave most.

  3. A blocked root chakra, doesn’t want anything to do with manifesting its needs being met, just when you might be struggling with finances and debt.

Chakras are filled with light, histories of your childhood, limiting fears and memories.

But life has a pretty sweet way of helping you know there’s a block.

Life always shines a light on your shadows

How would you know a chakra needed clearing + healing?

Unless you had trained to see chakras through your third eye, you would only know a chakra needed healing when something tangible in your life  comes into your direct field of existence.

The experience directly mirrors the energies blocking your chakra.

That’s when life can be a bitch because it always happens out of no where and you don’t know why it’s happening to you, again.

  1. Another break up (heart chakra)

  2. Another lay off (root chakra, fear of financial insecurity).

  3. More bills than you can handle (root/solar plexus).

  4. Weird inexplicable health issues (depends where the health issue, lungs = heart, navel/stomach = solar plexus…etc).

  5. Close family members getting ill, such as children, pets, people around you who are sensitive.

And it all feels so heavy energetically to carry and figure out.

There’s good news.

Going free from this pattern is entirely 100% possible.

How to go set your chakra free?

light. work.

  1. Connect to the highest light there is and let it repair, clear and free your original chakra energy.

  2. Be willing to work at it.

If you are serious about stopping old patterns, shifting out of the consciousness of your parents and grandparents, if you truly want to vibrate on the frequency of love or above, it’s going to take serious effort to sit down to do the challenge instead of turn the TV on.

It’s going to be work to wake up an hour before your kids to give yourself the spiritual healing you need to begin your day.

But it’s so worth it.

When the light is at its richest, the form is in its  fullness.  P.Cezanne

When you give your chakras the light they need, all that they are here to create, becomes full.

And what you intend on creating, calling forward, inviting into your life from a place of fullness will only ever bring you back just as much abundance.

Get filled. Get happy first thing in the morning.


Go Free chakra bliss oranges

Go Free Chakra Bliss – 30 Day Challenge

We’ll use the momentum of our sacred intention, natural settings and meaningful connections with other conscious souls to create a force field that is greater than the power of your thoughts.

It’s not that meditation does not work.

It’s simply that the energy necessary to cancel out the thoughts of fear and worry from your subconscious mind needs to be much greater than the energy of the thoughts themselves.

What you get:

1. Meditating with Angels: Mp3 Guided Meditation CD for your seven major chakras.

Designed to help clear old emotional blockages off of your chakras to re-vitalize your success in all 7 major areas of your chakras:

  1. abundance

  2. creativity

  3. personal power

  4. love

  5. communication

  6. intuition.

2. Online Access to the course material 24/7

Ever missed an email ? No worries, all course material is displayed in order at Happy Soul School where you can easily monitor your progress and review what you may have missed.


3.  Vibrant community on Facebook:

where you can share daily and meet other chakra sisters and bros who are going through the chakra clearing guided meditation CD and all the beautiful shifts that result.

How we will get started:

Through a guided mediation, I assist you to feel which chakra in your life needs the most healing.

You may also intuitively know which chakra needs clearing based on the events that have been happening in your life. 

If they make you feel overwhelmed, don’t wait any longer.

There are easy solutions to heal the energies and help you get back living a life that reflects back to you love and peace.

Then for 4 weeks, as often as you realistically can, you simply listen to the corresponding track in the guided chakra clearing meditation CD (never more than 8 minutes per track),

Go over the course material and implement what is suggested for you to do week after week.

Want to launch a business? Look at the root + sacral and possibly the throat chakra.

Not sure about where to move to or where to take your life? Listen to the Third eye and Crown Chakra Clearing tracks.

Having health issues? Chakra clearing in the area where you are having the issue can help.

Not sure what to pick? Here are 5 questions to help you.

It’s time to release all blocks of energies and start the New Year with so much energy and love in your heart, you will natural be a magnet for so much more bliss.

Chakra Bliss is for you if you’ve tried meditating before but it didn’t work for you.

  1. If you are naturally intuitive and feel in your heart your issue is an energetic issue that needs healing on an energetic level.

  2. If you love working with higher beings such as angels and guides, safely, with a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (that’s me, Danielle Dove) to help you clear and remove energies…

  3. If you feel in need of major sweeping and renewing coming up.

tesimonial 30 day challenge caitriona

How to join the chakra clearing challenge:

  1. Either just download the CD Meditating with Angels through CD BABY below and DIY at home and with the other gals on Facebook (I am there every day answering questions and offering guidance). $37

  2. Or purchase a private 1 on 1 chakra reading via email I will send to you to help you have clarity about your chakra(s) and where the blockages are coming from. (Purchase through the Paypal link below) $44.

  3. SPECIAL OFFERING: 1 hour Healing Dove Therapy session where we connect to your angels and look at 3 chakras that need healing over the phone.  This offer expires at the end of the 30 days.

(Purchase through the Paypal link below) $111.

new prices chakra packages

Colors are life.

Give your life the colors it needs, from within.

Shine brightly.

Chakra Bliss OptionsChakra Bliss Extra $44.00 USDChakra Bliss VIP $111.00 USD

healing dove therapy with danielle dove
testimonials for danielle dove angel meditation


– What if I already own the Cd can I join you for the challenge?

– Yes of course! Just email us at and we’ll add your email to the list.

– If I want to buy just the CD today, do I send you money through Paypal?

– No go ahead and purchase it via Cd Baby and if you are having issues with CD Baby then yes, send the 10.90 to paypal and we’ll get the MP3 to you.

– When can I expect my reading or phone call with you?

First come first serve.  Tuesdays are my days to connect and do readings + healings with some dates on Thursdays and Fridays available.

– I want to purchase your Chakra Bliss VIP Package but the paypal button is not working?

You can send the money directly to Danielle Dove at and we’ll make sure you are on the list to receive all the downloads and bonuses.

– What about your Root Chakra Meditation Album? I already own it or have been thinking of getting it. Can I use it for the 30 Day Challenge? 

– If you feel intuitively that your issue is a root chakra issue, then yes, I highly recommend you purchase the Root Chakra Album over at CDBABY. It goes into depth with all things root chakra down to the hips and knees for healing with Archangel Raphael and Michael.


Thank you to everyone who left a feedback on

Chakra Bliss OptionsChakra Bliss Extra $44.00 USDChakra Bliss VIP $111.00 USD

“Danielle is a great and gentle guide, taking us on a journey, moving at a slow and even pace, introducing us to archetypal beings… very healing and invigorating. The warm discussion afterwards shows that something truly special was happening. ” — T.M.

“ First time I have been to a channeled meditation. Danielle was awesome. Look forward to getting a private session.” –W.

“ Quite profound actually. I’m still processing the massive amount of information that I received during the meditation. I look forward to attending this and other events very soon.” –R.S.

“ This meditation was such a blessing. Danielle is wonderfully intuitive. I am so glad to have met Danielle. I highly recommend her sessions as she has a wonderful presence and talent. ” –K.D.

“ Danielle is absolutely awesome in her meditations. I was able to meditate and visualize during her channeling. This was my first experience with the Goddess meditation and I have not had very much exposure to them.” –C.S.

“ The atmosphere was angelic. Meditation is important and I want to get back into it so I can communicate with the higher beings as well as with my higher self.. ” — Jeff

“ Danielle was very patient, friendly and genuine. I felt very comfortable with her teachings. I want to keep coming to this class and explore others. ” — Liana

“ I usually have a hard time meditating and seeing, yet every session with Danielle I have experienced healing. ” — Wendy.

“ It was a joyful experience, which I hope to do again. Thanks Danielle. ” — Mary

“ I don’t remember much of my meditation, I’m still processing it and seeing only flashes. Danielle truly has a gift and I look forward to more experiences with her. Thank you for your help on my path! Love, light and joy to you. ” — Rachel

“ I thought Danielle did a very good job of facilitating the meditation. Additionally, she made the group feel comfortable and it was a tranquil environment. Nice job. ” — C.W.

Chakra Bliss OptionsChakra Bliss Extra $44.00 USDChakra Bliss VIP $111.00 USD

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