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Forgiveness Marathon

Forgiveness and Your Freedom

There’s a type of forgiveness that sets YOU and the other person so incredibly free so fast, it’s worth every minute of it.

Personally, I used to carry around so much resentment, hostility and anger towards so many, there was no way I could hear the truth, what my life purpose was to be or even whom I was to be hanging out with or where I should live. I looked at all new relationships that came in through the old filters and were never able to truly see the people for who they truly were. It sucked!

Learning the forgiveness tool I know (and love to teach now) has completely changed my life. I wish my mom who was sick with cancer for years, knew about this tool. It heals all resentment down to a cellular level – it’s so incredibly renewing and freeing. My mom, who didn’t have access to this tool, held on to so much anger towards her mother, herself, her ex… the woman he left her for – all of it, it all stayed in her body and I was too young to help her back then. But that doesn’t have to happen to you or the people you know and love.

When is it?

If you’re game, I’ll be doing it LIVE tomorrow Saturday Feb 23rd at 11 AM PST with the ladies in my Meditating with Angels group (we meet once a month and follow up the meditation with angel card readings – I know I know what a party!) And you’re totally invited either to join us for this one time event (it’s a small $20 investment on your part) or for $29 / month pay once and forget about it (and get 2 readings/month).

Then you’ll gain access to the worksheet and the training I teach all about forgiveness and get on the forgiveness marathon! I’ll give you details and you could win some cool prizes!! It begins tomorrow and goes for 30 days.

I’m kicking this off now because in 30 days it’s SPRING already – my all time favorite season and who doesn’t love a good deep spring cleaning.

What if I can’t attend live on Saturday?

I will be sending out an email with the link to hear the replay so sign up anyway that way I know you want to receive it and be part of it.

Forgiveness and Abundance:

It may seem to have nothing to do with abundance but actually, forgiveness releases so many money blocks, it’s truly a miracle tool.

Money is most likely to come from and through people. Now depending on which industry you work in, if it’s still on planet earth, people are going to be involved. I know we probably all wish we could deal with self -realized aliens who are always amazing and buy all of our stuff (now that’s an idea) but until that happens you’re dealing with people.

And how do people find you and are attracted to you?

They come to you based on your filters. If you believe people are xyz, the people you’ll attract will be based on that filter xyz.

Now do you really want old resentment and fears to keep people away from your business?

Now we aren’t going to forgive so you can make a ton of money – that’s not what we’ll be doing.

Will it have an impact on your ability to receive? yes

Will it give you more energy? yes

Will it happen overnight? yes and no. You will feel lighter within the hour. Will it last? only if you keep doing it every day.

You don’t expect the meal you had yesterday to keep you fed tomorrow do you?

You got to do it again in order to feel light again but the nice thing is the more you do it, the lighter you feel and the longer you stay there.

Where do I sign up?

Option 1 – One time only: $20 Sign up here through the conferize site.

Option 2 – Monthly Option: If you are serious about getting the help you need to launch your business and work with the angelic realm to do so, you can sign up for this energy clearing class happening once a month every last Saturday of the month – pay once and forget about it for $29 with an extra energy reading mid-month (spaces are very limited for this option) >


Alixe K. Tracey

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