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Forever Learning: A Lightworker’s Journey

Even after a tremendous day of achieving my number one purpose: “Awakening Thy love in all hearts” fighting allergies or a cold thinking it’s because I am allergic to Vegas heat these days… I still had time to read, play and be seriously grateful my computer slowed down around 2:30pm and guided me to meditate… I complained the last track on my new album needed some editing…

“No it doesn’t”, my guide replied…

“No?” I was sure it sounded terrible. “No it is fine,” the voice once again affirmed. I sat somewhat reluctantly. Closed my eyes and just let go. I drifted upward and of course the voice came again… “You might want to go get your son now.” “Now?” I asked. “It’s 2:30pm I normally keep working until at least 4 or 5.” “No. You should go get him….” We did. My husband and I took a leisurely afternoon, picked up our son from his twice a week day care and we went to a farmers market, ate freakishly deliscious fruits under a warm sun, played in the sand and visited our other home in Summerlin. Our plum tree was abundant with more fruits and we even took half a dip in the pool. I came home a little later. The recording was perfect. Taking a break seemed to have worked it all out.

Now I wished I could have a beautiful ink pen with nice crisp paper and write you love notes all summer from all the corners of Europe.

It may not happen with black or blue ink but I will type on my ipad and send the love notes to my blog

I need to get something off my chest. I am worth way more than I allow myself to receive. Let me rephrase that. I am worth way more than I ask for. It’s not just with you (my beloved clients I love working with you soooo much I’d do it for free), it’s a seriously debilitating pattern I am ready to break through. After yet another amazing session with another yet amazing lightworker in the remembering….I realized, wow if that was me on the receiving end I would have paid $500 for such a thorough psychic and coaching call. $500 is still not what I am probably worth. But that’s not really the lesson. I was told from the universe up above, it was never about me changing to become worthy of making more per hour or per book proposal or eventually speaking engagements. The real challenge is recognizing and accepting I am worthy of that much NOW. That’s the really challenge. It’s so much easier to put the blame on some distant future date…oh I’ll work on myself some more…I need one more coach and another 10K to invest on myself or 80k for my business or or or or or No just not yet….. Let me beat myself up a little longer.

Well dearest readers, from one very nice ink pen to a very nice piece of paper I can only end this letter by saying: Things are changing. It takes tremendous courage to sign up to work for God AND charge money for it from the heart. I never had any issues with the energy exchange. I thank you for listening. I feel this is a step in a new direction. A direction in which I set boundaries that allow me to create more products and services that are loved by my marketplace and lovely lightworker women and men who are just so close to realize their dreams in reality.

I am with you holding your hand and can’t wait till our next live fairy clapping beach drumming meditation retreat whenever it happens to manifest (often much sooner than you and I realize!)

Hugs and good nights.


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