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Faith angels and…technology!!?

faith angels and technology

I resisted it at first HUGELY I didn’t want to meditate via internet to me it meant being disconnected and isolated at home, it truly was a bummer. I am not a techie I didn’t even have a cell phone until very recently I don’t have a car I recycle compost eat veggies seek to live in communities where we can all eat and dance and tell stories around a bon fire.

But then angels told me…

Don’t you see a similarity between the age of enlightenment and the age of technology? They had to happen at the same time.

I had to agree. If we are indeed ascending towards telepathic communication and our hearts are opening to recognize authentic truths in everyone then yes…technology is helping us get there.

Today, It is indeed much easier to explain to someone who has been using cord less cell phone technology that I can communicate with someone without them having to be there… then it would be explaining it to someone in the 1800s.

Could you imagine telling a woman at court in a robe the size of a small car with a big white wig on her head, sipping tea, that you were just talking to someone who wasn’t actually there? You maybe show her your earpiece and explain you can hear the person on the other end of it… but either way, she would give you the look and quickly send you off as a heretic.

Today you can tell anyone you spoke to someone across the world, or even on the moon and no one would look at you strange.  They’d just nod and say, “Cool! What app are you using?”

Today when I say I read energies by simply connecting my antennae to the other person’s angels and energy field, they may not give me the nod of complete understanding, but they get the imagery because they get things like energies and being able to connect to someone without them having to be there physically.

When we speak of the need to receive new ‘downloads’ of programs into our mental computer, it’s much easier to understand in today’s world then it would have been even 50 years ago.  Could you imagine your mom quietly meditating telling her grandmother:

“Shhhh grandma, I am meditating to release old programs from my mental computer.” “You are doing what?” “You know, release old beliefs from my ancestors to be free of it energetically.”


Really long stare.

Trails off praying her grand-daughter isn’t going crazy.

****** Right?

How about trying to explain the law of attraction without talking of wavelength and radio dial buttons and frequencies?

I know, angels are always right.

So it is then: Faith, Angels and Technology.

What if it really is helping us accept what the ascension process will allow us to do eventually?

– Know the truth instantly by simply tuning into your own intuition,

– Hear people’s thoughts (no more lies yeah!)

– Send emails telepathically (way faster!)

– Heal energies through your thoughts, oh but wait we can already do that one…

One of my favorite times in the Earth Angels in Training classes is when I tell the ones who doubt they have any intuition or clairvoyance:

“You are all intuitive, you all have chakras, you all have clairs, it’s a matter of strengthening them just like any other muscles you would strengthen at the gym”.

They all nod in agreement and go on to do all the exercises as focused as any early risers at the gym.

They are committed because now they know it’s possible and accessible to them with practice and persistence.

It’s accessible to you.

Think you can’t meditate at home? Let angels help you create the ideal setting and you’d be surprised how easy it is.

Intention creates result.

I didn’t think I could give readings from the South of France to everyone who signed up last week but it worked!

Now it’s all the beauty and wisdom in the video and everyone got to hear each other’s and learn from them.

They all wrote me back saying how much it resonated with them and helped them.

And we didn’t have to figure out a time to be on the phone together, we didn’t have to deal with 9 hours of time difference, we were all together energetically with the angels we meditated we ascended we let go and we made room to welcome in the new.

And the beauty of technology? We can do it again and again!


Then I am off, again thanks to technology, on a super fast train to my Mrs. Santa Claus’s house for two weeks (my aunt’s three story house is full of toys, games and children, fun times!)

Aren’t we blessed?

May everyone feel loved this Holiday Season, May everyone receive seeds of faith to believe in miracles, May we all move into 2014 with patience hope and magic.

With a deep bow to honor the life and light within you,

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PS: To download the guided MP3 meditation on video, you can join

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