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Energy Healing for our Children

Hello Sweet SoulFul Friend,

I wish you a Happy Holiday, a Fabulous New Year and from my light filled heart, I am so deeply grateful to have shared this past year with all of you, either in meditation at Ganesha Center, on the beaches of Hawaii with the Goddesses of the Light or simply in communication via these emails.

You soul shines so brightly!


Energy Healing + Protection for Our Children

This week, I was inspired to write some fun reminders we can all use to surround our children with light. Our children are such sensitive powerful ones yet still need our love and light to protect them and connect them to Source. I find it so helpful for my own child when I clear his energy every night and surround him with rainbow of colors. He sleeps better, longer and always awakens with a smile.

If you are new at energy work, you may ask yourself,

"How do you even begin working with energies? And does it even work?

When you learned how to walk, no one told you how to do it, you just jumped it and kept trying. It's the same with learning to do energy clearings or healings. You've got to try and jump in. You are made of energy, your first language was the language of energy so trust me, if you give it a try and give yourself permission to wobble and fall at first, you'll be well versed in no time!

So to get you started, here's what I created with my son Hayden over the past week. Share it with any friend whose the parent of a little one. It is infused with so much love and light from the angels who are pouring their energy into the lives of whoever is open to receiving it + giving them permission to intervene in their lives.

Again what we put our energy into expands, so focus on the light, focus on healing and our children will be forever safe and shielded.

"I call on the Divine White Light to Love and Surround my Child at All Times"

I call on the Divine White Light to Love and Surround my Child at All Times

"I invite the healing light of Archangel Raphael to help me be a healing parent to my child at all times."

I invite the healing light of Archangel Raphael to help me be a healing parent to my child at all times.

"I teach my child to see auras everywhere, around people, plants, animals…and together we surround all live with love."

I teach my child to see auras everywhere, around people, plants, animals...and together we surround all live with love

I send light ahead of us (and my child) asking angels to travel before us and all around us (and my child) giving us protection wherever we (and my child) choose to journey.

Regaining a Sense of Play

We can't stop at just giving to others. You too need healing, light and love. You too have a child within (and I do too) that needs art, fun, and spontaneous unstructured play!

May I kindly remind you to also budget money and time for self-care, nurturing and time for unstructured spiritual play and adventures. If you want more info about this and haven't gotten it yet, I wrote a mini Spiritual Riches Ebook that can give you some ideas for play and reward. More info at bottom of this blog article:

I have been enjoying an incredibly, well researched, detailed book called Einstein Never Used Flash Cards. The authors, all Ph.D. mommies stress the great need for unstructured play to help our children develop intelligence both intellectual and emotional. They say one of the best way to alleviate stress in both children and adults is to play! It's a great book, easy to read full of 'try this at home experiment' to engage our children in every day play. And if you want more books on play to read this holiday season, my friend Darlene Navarre also wrote a book and a workshop called Play is the New Way!

Raising my child and reading about the best ways to do it hands off, open hearted reminds me that we are forever re-parenting ourselves. Especially if you've had a difficult childhood where you may have had to grow up faster than normal, walking ourselves through parks, painting classes and unstructured play can really give us a boost and live a happier life.


Intuitive Living – Sneak Peak into my life…

This past week, my family and I rode the Santa Train in Boulder City, taking in the sun and fresh air. We even got to see Mr. and Mrs Santa Claus on the train…

Train riding in Boulder City

Hayden helped me with his cloth diapers (video)

and gave me kisses (video)

I finished my first painting of Goddess Wilendorf for a six month online painting class I am taking called Painting the Goddess Within (check it out you might still be able to join!).

Goddess Wilendorf

We are off to Panama for 10 days for some rest, beach play and sunshine.

We'll see you all in 2013!

May all your dreams and hopes come true this Holiday Season!

Ps: For the Root Chakra 52 weeks meditation supposed to kick off in 2013, I will let you know the schedule as soon as I can. We had a fabulous 12/21/2012 meditation at Ganesha Center that was really inspiring and powerful.

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