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Angel Speaks December 2012 Channeling

Angels Speak, channeled by Danielle Dove on December 18, 2012

Dear Ones,

You live in an atmosphere of inner turmoil. Often we watch you from above, hearing your thoughts: not understanding why you have become so separate and unique. What has happened to the collective consciousness of your soul?

That of which you came from is made of a oneness, unparalleled to anything you can experience in third dimensional form. You have all been there, wishing you could be back in the warm embrace of the One. You have all wished to end your lives because it was just too painful. If you may, we recommend you see this event in Connecticut as a far cry for more hugs. We see this event as an explosion, a hurricane, a volcanic need for human race to be hugged. When a child screams they are only looking for love. Quickly their tears become history once they are hugged and picked up from their low point. How do you go about picking up an entire human race in pain? The naturalness of love has left the planet. It is time to bring it back. We need you all to remember while it might be too hard to love at times, to reach out, much fear still avails, yet you can remember, it is within you, you know how to love. You haven’t forgotten and all of your children still remember.

So how do you explain such love and innocence coming into oneness with such horrific violence? It has been happening on your planet for eons and it is still happening.

You must all get out of the pull of the old planetary consciousness.

The planet was created for the workout of drama. You resided on planet earth to be exposed to much contrast. Within theses contrasts you were given free will to make a choice. Which way do you choose to advance, which do you prefer?

Unfortunately at that level of human evolution, every choice you made invited another person on another part of the world to make the opposite choice… until you could all become one again, that is the karma of the planet.

No more.

We are entering the age of ascension now in 2013 and for seven more years. This period of time will come to help you all continue to ascend beyond the need for duality to help you choose love and peace. When there is no more need for homelessness to bring you to have a home, when there is no more need for fights to bring you to love, all that there will be left is the heaven on earth always ever so promised.

We hope you can come to understand events like these might happen again. Simply because the human race still has chosen to experience truth through duality. You can change that for yourself by deciding you no longer need duality to survive as a human. You can recognize you came from love. You are love. Still. Even with the covering of negative energy from past experiences. Undo the heavy coat and let it go. It is as easy as breathing. In fact meditation is a good way to go about it. We brought to Danielle 5 Pillars of Happiness to help the human race bring heaven to earth where duality for good and bad can be erased. We hope you begin with changing your own mind about yourself and join us in celebrating love without the need for sorrow.

We love you dearly and know that with free will comes responsibility, yet we are always a prayer request away.”

The Angels of the 7th Light.

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