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12 steps to discover the hidden messages behind your body’s chronic pain and illnesses

Would you like to discover the hidden messages behind some of our most common illnesses and diseases

and understand why they keep coming back?

How does that sound ?

Are you ready to do some digging and get some good juicy life shifting answers?

This is for you if you ever get sick right before or during

  1. a vacation you planned months in advance

  2. a job promotion or important second interview

  3. an important talk/speech/presentation

  4. a new search for an agent/book publisher (taking those next steps in your career)

  5. a new date with someone you really like

  6. launching your new website or products

Just when you need all of you ‘ON’ your body seems to send you signals it’s ‘OFF’ and needs rest, meds and a bed.

What happened?

You were genuinely looking forward to these events, thinking of self care or ‘going for it’ and unexpectedly (is it ever convenient?) the body totally crashed and you felt the symptoms of a cold or worse a bacterial infection or other more life threatening issues such as heart problems or prostate/breast lumps.

Whose fault is it?  Why is it such bad timing?

Actually, your body is helping you achieve your goal.

It may seem it’s going backwards, but trust me, it needs your attention more than your disapproval.

It has an important message to give you.

This is when the famous phrase truly applies:

Don’t kill the messenger!

Before we go further into the core messages of your body, are you to the point of being totally fed up with patterns of illness and stagnation in your life?

And do you believe in and like the power of intuition, your body and your spirit all working together to help you on your journey?



My darling intuitive beautiful healthy wonderful friend, welcome to a whole new world and a whole lot more health.

Is the culprit really the body?

First, let’s honor the body: it is so intelligent… and incredibly powerful.

All those cells working together to create everything from digesting your food, processing minerals, releasing toxins, helping you function everyday to the best of its ability.

I’m thinking of people who put their body through incredible tests from loosing 200lbs or lifting 200lbs, the body can really do so much.

If it’s that incredibly intelligent is it really the culprit or could it be actually helping you?

All illnesses whether minor or major, are occurring (or re-occurring) to help you become a vibrational match to your goals and ideals.

Let me explain.

Your ideal goals of self care and job promotion and promises of a better future are not in alignment with your current vibrational set point.

If they were, there wouldn’t be a need to make it a goal.

You already would have been aligned with it.

You don’t get sick about the idea of getting in your car every day if you already have one.

Or going on a new date…if you are happily married.

Your body will get sick over a new experience…something that you haven’t yet experienced.

How does it know you haven’t experienced it yet?

It’s a bit freaky but your body has a memory and it remembers everything.

It knows, energetically, if where your are at now vibrationally is in alignment with where you want to go.

In fact it’s one of your best coach when it comes to aligning yourself with your goals.

So if any part of you is not fully on board with your goals, it will send you a message through a part of your body. 

Until you get the message, it will often be the same body part and its corresponding organ(s) that send you the alarm in the form of an illness because that space represents the store house for the old emotions/energies you haven’t yet released.

And how could you?

Did anyone sit you down as a young child and go over how to release energies in your body?

Especially after traumatic events where grief, anger, sadness may have been kept inside and never released?

Did anyone around look at your chakras and helped you release the energies?

No? Well the good news is you can change that around, starting today.

You can begin anew and stop living the stagnate life of someone who is stuck in an energetic pattern she or he isn’t able to understand or release.

If you are reading this, your are on your way to putting your health and your life back in your own hands.

Blaming others who also didn’t know how to release energies won’t help.

‘There is an expiration date on blaming your parents’ — J.K. Rolling.

Moving forward with empowering tools to change what is can help you.

Your Body is a Store House for Emotions and Energies

Feelings of lacking love and feeling abandoned or alone will mostly be stored in the chest area of the body: heart/lungs/chest/breasts (asthma, heart problems, breast cancer).

Feelings of lacking security or disapproving of oneself for not ‘being good enough’ will be stored in the lower back/reproductive organs for men and women, hips and knees and feet even. (Why do so many men have issues with their prostates? Can you see how it relates to themes around the root chakra, money, financial security and the like? For anyone to be aligned with ‘having more money’ they need to release the old energies of lack still stuck in their organs).

Feelings of lacking control and feeling like life is out to get you or no one seems to understand you or be on your team will manifest in organs around the stomach/digestion/mid back and throat chakra (thyroid). It also can go into the mouth with issues with cold sores or even up to head-aches, and yes, most hair loss is due to this as well.  Can you see how anyone or any condition that gives you a head ache would also make you feel ‘out of control’ and loose your hair?

So my beautiful friend, those store houses of energies are not ones you can take with you where you are being guided to go.

Like an air balloon dropping weight to go higher, you too, need to drop the emotions linked to the energies and the re-occurring diseases and illnesses to get to where you want to go.

Getting your body on board:

For example, if you or someone you know gets a lot of headaches, can you see that they tend to feel safe only when they can control every little detail of their lives and when things don’t go according to plans they feel unsafe and even seem to go a bit nuts? For ‘headache’ people, it’s usually hard for them to accept changes or go with the flow.

I remember being in Paris the days after the volcano in Iceland erupted in 2008. I had a flight scheduled to leave for the States a few days later. I rarely ever get headaches. Maybe one every 5 years.  That day, I got the worst migraine and had to lay in bed.  Thankfully I had my dearest mentor’s book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and looked up what patterns and affirmations I needed to release the headache.  Once I understood the message of the headache, I let go, moved back to trust and stopped trying to figure it out.  I was worried I would get stuck in Paris longer than I wanted.  Thanks to the body’s messages, I got back to my intuition and instead focused on love and gratitude.

My flight never got delayed and was one of the only flights to actually leave on time.

I got home safely and felt so incredibly grateful the whole way home.

But what if I had kept worrying about it, medicated my headache instead of releasing the thoughts of fears creating the headache? I probably would have manifested chaos for myself and more delays and frustration.

In truth, I also needed the new affirmation that healed the headache for everything that was about to happen to me once I got back to Vegas. I needed to let go and be in the flow.  (See below for finding your own words for each particular organ).

Can you think of any similar examples in your life?

I’ll give you one more personal example because I find it pretty funny.

Right now I have a fear of being stuck in Vegas and stagnating.

Let me back up.

I didn’t know the fear was there. I was just ‘annoyed’ at the far distant possibility of being stuck here.

So for the past few weeks (I’ve only been back 6 weeks) my right foot has been gradually hurting me every day. Nothing major, just a mild pain on top of my foot.

Foot = root chakra, feeling insecurity about life, home, where we’re going to live and do I really want to raise my son in Vegas?

The truth is I just had a mild foot ache and a some questions about a distant probable future.

But when the foot ache didn’t just go away on its own, I realized:

Hey, my body has a message for me! This is amazing. I am being helped and totally assisted.

I discovered it was a fear of stagnation.  Of literally getting stuck somewhere or fear of movement.

How perfect for me right now.

Now that my foot connected me with some underlying fears I wasn’t aware of, I have the power and tools to clear up the negative thoughts, release my lacking feelings around being in Vegas and move back on over to manifesting exactly what I desire.

Do you know what happens to our negative thoughts and fears if we don’t process them out?

Like any thoughts, if we focus on them long enough, they become true.

That’s how powerful and wonderful our bodies truly are and the magic of it all?

If you put out the fire, the alarm stops ringing.

Going the wrong way in your thoughts is like a fire to your body.

You are thinking you want _________

to move to a beautiful sustainable healing center?

(…fill in your relationship/financial/life goals)

but your dominating thoughts around it could be coming from a deep seated fear: 


shit, I might really get stuck here

(just my example).

So who comes to the rescue to help you out of manifesting the very thing you don’t want to manifest?


You and your amazing highly intelligent, instinctive body.

Did I successfully get you excited about your body and all the messages it’s about to give you?

Don’t stop your meds just yet.

I am not a doctor and cannot tell you what to take or not take.

I am intuitive spiritual guide. I connect people with their own inner truth and guidance. I use writing as a tool to bring energy healing to you…but I don’t have a Ph.D or medical license.

You on the other hand, can be your own best healer.

Your Body is your Best Life Coach:

If a dear friend came up to you feeling really sick, would you disapprove of your friend, slam the door shut and tell them how much they are inconveniencing you?

Probably not right?

But what do you do when you get sick?

How do you treat yourself and that body part?

Do you send it even more disapproving energy hoping it just goes away and never comes back?





Is it working?

Here’s another way I kindly and lovingly suggest as it has the power to truly shift your life and your health.

Before I can send you my 12 steps to having an amazing Freedom Party with your Body and discover all its hidden messages, I need your help with this short survey.  It’s definitely unique and not for everyone and in truth, the 12 questions aren’t for everyone either.  But if you enjoy the survey, I would bet you will love the 12 questions.

You will help me be of greater service to you as I create my upcoming summer/fall programs.

At the end of the survey, you will get the private link to the 12 steps (and super cute pictures) so be sure to have plenty of time, water and pen and paper handy to get the party started.

With gratitude and countless blessings,



PS: 5 Questions and a few minutes of your time and my thank you gift on its way right after.

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