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11 Tips to Having Spiritual Adventures

Tip #1: Follow your feet 🙂 Wherever they take you – go with it!

Tip #2: Throw the covers off your hot bod and treat today as a brand sparkling new day! Here’s the Trick: Think of it as new even if there are routine things to do.

Tip #3: Open yourself up to receiving guidance by first connecting your telepathic antennae to Spirit (Creator, Mother, Father God, Angels), before you connect to your emails or phone. Also known as turn your telephone to heaven ON.

Tip #4: Decide (cuz there’s powerful stuff in deciding) today is a new day in which you allow yourself to Receive from Spirit (WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK DO SAVE HEAL OR CLEAN).

Tip #5: Ask the Angels to clear your third eye all the while affirming you are powerfully clairvoyant (yeahhhh!)

Tip #6: Today, whenever someone asks you what you are doing or where you are going, simply reply the truth:

“I am going on an adventure!”

Tip #7:Call on God’s love and light, remind the angels to protect you and bring your guidance, pack a lunch some water and go discover!

(Spiritual Adventures are meant to be done solo).

Tip #8: Notice synchronicity and gains from your new aspiration to have an adventure! Did you meet someone new? Did you discover a new path on your way home? A new meditation center? A feather on the floor just as you were asking for a sign?

Tip #9. Keep a personal journal only for notes about the awesome discoveries you have made along the way whether they be new ideas, new people, new anything you have found!

Tip #10. Affirm some parameters you can sing on your walk (rollerblading and singing is totally OK too).

“I am always safe on my spiritual adventures…all that I need to know is revealed to me… all that I need comes to me…”

Tip #11:Avoid bringing your cell phone on most spiritual adventures. Keep it simple. Look around, disconnect from the busyness. Sit by a tree and just listen for a few minutes.


– finally, go play in the light! Whether it’s taking a meditation class, sharing your new skill of oracle card readings with your friends, host an angel party, share your love of Spirit and be part of your community.

… and comeback to tell us about it here. If you have any new discoveries you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you!

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