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10 Ways to Begin Living Your Life Purpose

1. If you wish to begin seeing changes outside of yourself, start with the only person you can change now.  Here’s a prayer I enjoyed receiving

Thank you God for helping me change myself so the condition(s) in my life can also change.

The Law of Cause and Effect guarantees you that as you change within, things have to change without.

2. Cultivate trust in life supplying you with your needs and continuing to supply you even if you are guided to take a new path.

3. Examine your beliefs about people who are living their life purposes, do you believe they are broke? Do you believe they don’t have normal families with balanced lives?

Ask yourself:

What does my subconscious hold in mind about life purposes?

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything that comes to mind about living one’s life purpose.

Examine those thoughts.

They could be holding you back.

4. Begin affirming new truths to train your mind to accept ‘living my life purpose’ = bliss, fulfillment, abundance, ocean views…etc

Add as you feel guided. Continue to clear cancel delete any thoughts such as:

“people who are living their life purposes are either poor, lost or outcasts…”

and replace them with:

“Following the path of living my life purpose provides me in all ways. On the path I am free, happy and make fun, wise decisions. I can be responsible and live my life purpose”.

5. Choose you CAN be happy now before you get on the path. In fact you must be happy now to align with happiness coming later

it’s the best kept secret of the universe and the Law of Resonance.

6. Make it a habit to go on or have at least one Spiritual Adventure a week. Mine this morning was as simple as taking my time as I had breakfast, released some thoughts in meditation, took a walk, a shower, and didn’t check my emails or phone until about 12:30pm. I took my time to be free of time.

Add 10-15 minutes of mini adventures to your day… sit in your car or your closet if you have to, play your mp3 meditation, paint, draw, connect, whatever you feel like doing.

7. Transform all ‘shoulds’ into ‘choices’. Saying: “I choose to do this” or “I could do this” frees you and opens you up. Any shoulds or musts shuts down creativity and instills fear and/or resistance.

8. Notice the people you most associate with – are they living their truth or do they encourage you to ‘escape’ living your truth. Just notice it without judgment. We’re simply asking you to have awareness.

9. Can you allow for more activities with your friends / family taking them to different places where you can learn together. Go on your local website and attend any meetings that look fun and different. Have the intention to meet new inspiring fun friends.

10. Make room in your life for the new: donate old clothes, old magazines, recycle, sell, release. It’s one of the most important things to do because it tells the universe, I am ready to change, I am ready to receive, I am ready to go on more adventures!

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