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You Are Enough: Root Chakra Self Love

You Are Enough: Root Chakra Self Love

In this meditation, connect with a source of unconditional love and allow it to go deep inside your womb, hips and knees. 

If your heart has been feelngi guided to connect more with your intuition and to allow energy healing to happen anywhere, anytime, all meditations from Alixe K. Tracey (also known as Danielle Dove) will do just that. 

These energy clearing sessions or albums, help you reconnect to a higher wisdom so you can get out of your own way and allow the kind, benevolent spirit guides and archangels help heal you, mind and body. 


I command you for seeking to clear your chakras (round spinning disks of light along your spine). 


Alixe is a devout spiritual teacher and has been for over 12 years now. Her recordings are always safe. 


If you are a Christian, wondering if these meditations are safe for you, know that it is said in the Bible that some are healers in this life and Alixe is veyr close to the Christ Consciousness and only does spiritual work that's in alignment with God's will. 



You can listen to a track of the album here. 


Danielle Dove is the spiritual name Alixe used for 7 years from 2009-2016. 





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