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Got Angels? Get clarity!

Hi there love bug,

Life can sometimes feel like too much. Too many to dos. Too many people needing and wanting from you. Too many darn rules.

Bombarded with new age principles it feels like we need to be doing positive affirmations 300 times a day, simultaneously talk to our wounded inner child and fall asleep with chakra clearing meditations.

I get it. It can all be a little overwhelming. Which healing modality should you use? Which new age guru should you be listening to?

The answer is never in our head. That’s why I am a big believer in putting my angels to work by giving them permission to do it for me. Not only are they energy healers, they can fix electronics, clogged up toilets and sinks (true story) and help me get all of my needs abundantly met. They also answer all of my questions. I am always divinely guided by my intuition because my intuition is the language they use to talk to me.

They were divinely assigned to help me for my entire life, and if I don’t put them to work, they are unemployed For ever. You too have angels – a lot of them – and can begin to let them help you. It’s as easy as thinking: “OK guys I give you permission to help me.” (at that point you may even hear them reply: “FINALLY!” “We thought you would never ask!”)

The quality of your life can be directly improved by how much you are willing to release control and let the highest angels of the light help you.

During your life review (you know that thing you do after you cross over), do you really want to meet with your angels and guides and hear that you tried to do it all on your own and never used your angels?

Right? Didn’t think so.

I want to see them so heavenly spent, huffing and puffing as they greet me and say: “You gave us such a ride!” “Let’s do it again!


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