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If you want to discover and activate your life purpose and intuition, you first have to retrain your mind to feel and sense energies. It's easy to do by meditating with angels and reading about angels. In this training, you can watch a 20-minute training on earth angels followed by a soul-gasmic energy healing meditation.😇

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About this Soul-Gasmic Activation

Just had a pretty amazing guided energy healing meditation - while I'm the channel I also get to see and experience the healings and activations:

  • brought the root chakra back to its original coding and purpose - vital if you want to stay open to receiving. 💕

  • Worked with Archangel Metatron to program and recode a problem into a solution :) This was really fun ✨

  • Activated you earth angel wings for life purposes 🎤

  • Turned up the radio dial on the amount of soul power in one's body and heart - this one is key if you feel off and depressed and not sure what you're here to do. 🔥

  • And my ultimate fav!! We installed a cheerleader everywhere, in every room, in every mirror, in every cell and organ and chakra, so that everywhere you go, you feel positively loved, cheered and praised. This one is essential if your love language is positivity and words. I thrive on positive feedback and the best sort of feedback is our own 



So what sort of miracles are you ready to make happen this week/month/year?

Because I've got the activation for you 



We also did go up to Creator and downloaded some juicy new programs for a brand new heart to create on the planet.

I'm as high as it gets right now and I feel all the ladies are right there with me.

Happy to share the experience with you if you feel guided.

I have to warn you, there's no going back.



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