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Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings Fridays

Come experience an energy healing session with Archangels meant to clear away dense energies and emotions. You'll learn tools easy to use during your next morning routine. It's ideal for solopreneur moms who need to be on their A-game for intuitive and profitable solutions.

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Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings Fridays
Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings Fridays

Time & Location

24 avr. 2020, 10:00 – 11:30 UTC−5

Zoom or on the phone

About the Event

You'll strengthen your intuitive muscles by learning how to reconnect to your truest self, the YOU without all the everyday drama. The really powerful YOU who has a brilliant intuitive antenna and is a powerful goddess!

The calls total range from 60-90 minutes with an energy reading/card reading at the end of the energy healing session. This is guided like a meditation so you will want to be home in a quiet space to meditate as you connect and follow the guidance. 

What is Meditating with Angels?

It's 45 minutes of connecting your heart with the heart of the most amazing archangels and receiving energy clearings in a beautiful high energy sacred place. Many blocks are usually released and messages come through. You'll feel calmer, loved and much more at peace about your purpose. 

Alixe has been offering these since 2010. She has two meditation albums you can preview here.  

About Alixe K. Tracey

Alixe is also known by her spiritual name Danielle Dove, B.A., she is a certified angel therapist practitioner®, intuitive healer and co-founded with Spirit "Healing Dove Therapy" in 2010.  As a channel for the angelic realm, she uses her multi-clair intuitive abilities to heal and restore her client’s chakras and belief system within the mind, all with the assistance of ascended masters and archangels. She reads soul blueprints, Akashic records and direct voice channels messages from Archangel Jophiel to awaken her brothers and sisters to their own blissful, divine missions.  



Online, from the comfort of your own home. You can also simply call in using a phone. 


Fridays 7 AM Los Angeles  / 10 PM Singapore / 3 PM London  / 10 AM New York *

If you would like to attend live but can't come at that time you have 2 options. 

You can still purchase the event and receive the bonuses and the recording and email us your question for the reading at  If you don't have a question that's OK, Alixe can still read for you.  Option 2: You can also email Alixe your timezone and 3 preferred times and we will see if we can offer an extra Meet and Greet at a time that would be convenient for you.  Keep in mind Alixe is in France so 6 hours ahead of NY. 


The purpose of this Meet and Greet Energy Healing Session is to empower you to remember who you really are. 

In short, you are much more than a man or a woman simply here to work and provide until you take your last breath. 

You are an amazing mass of energy with centers of gravitational pull that work with you to attract that which you wish to experience into your sphere of existence. As a certified Angel Therapist ® and a direct voice trance channel, I have been given access to beautiful sources of information that allow me to empower others, with the goal to seed long-lasting and effective healing and peace on this planet.


$20 - it includes the MP3 of the energy healing we did together that day as well as an intuitive reading at the end if time and space allow. 


The first 10 people who sign up will receive Alixe's Immune Boosting Meditation as well as her Meditating with Angels Chakra Clearing CD which is great if you are experiencing anxiety, relationship triggers at home and are having a hard time falling asleep. 


“My journey with Danielle (Alixe K. Tracey) was one of the most remarkable meditative experiences in my life. Not only did I get the answers to the questions I needed to ask, I experienced a divine presence of the goddesses and a couple of archangels that I sensed was so real. And it wasn’t until a few days later, that I realized it had also opened my heart.” Carol-Ann.”

After many years of contemplating having a reading, I’m so glad that I waited until meeting Alixe to finally follow through with it. From the moment I stepped into her home, I realized I was in the gracious hands of someone who could gently guide me to where I needed to be in this life: more balanced, more focused, more loving, and able to absorb fully the lessons I need to learn. I left relaxed, with a smile, ready to have fun, knowing I am now on the right track. Thank you, Alixe for a beautiful experience.” — Paul, Las Vegas, NV.

As someone with a special affinity for angels, I was excited when I learned of Alixe’s Angel Meditation Workshop. I came expecting to hear from my angels and the experience absolutely exceeded my expectations. Alixe channeled messages from my angels that were direct answers to situations in my life that she could not have possibly known about on her own. I left the workshop rejuvenated, inspired and with the tools I need to share more time in communication with my angels! – Thanks Alixe”. — R.G. Las Vegas, NV.

“Caught up in my stress and anxieties of the day, I was ready to let Alixe K. Tracey guide me to that place inside where angels and goddesses live. In every woman lives a divine goddess whose nature is pure, sweet yet powerful. That’s where Alixe K. Tracey took me, and that’s where I was able to receive guidance, support and comfort. It was pure magic.” — C.A., Las Vegas, NV.

“I am so freeeee! I never thought I could be totally free, I always thought it was fear that would always be a part of me some way…Now I know it was not meant to be! I was created to be free and happy. Thank you so much for assisting me in totally coming into the joy and peace I have been so anxiously and prayerfully awaiting. Blessings to you Alixe, you are truly an Angel…May God continue to bless me, you have truly changed my life!!!” Anissia, Las Vegas, NV.


  • Energy Healing with Alixe

    This ticket includes the 45-minute energy healing session with a 1:1 reading at the end. You also get the MP3 of the session so you can redo it at home.

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