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ReCode the Matrix Celebration Meditation

ReCode the Matrix Celebration Meditation

​In response to the conflict in the world, I created a live Celebration for Peace and Freedom - ReCode the Matrix: a powerful healing for you, for us, for the world. 

We begin with a healing for you and then we move into a healing for the world. 

It includes traveling up to your akashic records and much more. 


My prayer before we started was:
God, Goddess inspire my heart and mind today as I prepare to lead women up to your highest light… as we prepare to become more quantum and unlimited and free. Calling on your beloved Archangels to carry our powerful spoken prayers to the heart of the matrix because our choices matter too. Life is so precious.


let’s celebrate together, encircled by the highest archangels, the freedom and joy and peace we all know should be ever lasting.


If you can join your light with ours,

we are all healers at heart,

we all have gifts and abilities still unknown to us,

and it's during times like these that our gifts can be activated.

I truly believe we get to be more and more effective healers, year after year.

We get to hold the same light in our same cells but it lasts longer,

it shifts the planet,

something happens.

I have seen it and today let us create magic beyond what anyone of ever thought was possible.


Available to download for free until 03/09/2022. 


What did you think? 

How was it for you? 

I'd love to hear from you on the social @alixekatracey or in our FB group (Welcome! Awakenining Sister) to ask any questions and tell us more about your experience. 



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