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Your un-tapped potential: full throttle 2014

What channeling can help you do:

As I get ready to hold space to teach another life shifting virtual retreat for women all over the world, I am reminded of my early beginnings….of how much focus I needed to channel. My channeling partner and I would sit on the bed, holding hands, in a quiet space and spend hours connecting to receive divine messages. I was filled with so much love and joy, it was authentic connecting at its best. I’d only eat raw fresh fruits and vegetables. Cut out all caffeine or dairy from my diet. Spent hours meditating and reading, learning, soaking up all that I could of ancient wisdom.

A whole new era of Goddesses and Lightworkers are coming back may I dare say, as we, women awaken back to our ageless gifts.

8 years later now (wow!) I can connect in seconds to the truth and be guided accordingly by a beloved all loving force within me and all around me.

No longer is there a line of disconnect between what my mind demands and what my heart and body is willing and able to do. I go with the flow. I trust in the divine guidance because it is my truth. It is my highest most all loving path. It always guides me to make incredibly good (I couldn’t have though it up) decisions.

  1. Heart activations in the South of France at various Sacred Sites ? Why yes of course!

  2. Goddess Revival Retreats in Hawaii with 11 women!? Yes Yes and Yes!

  3. Healing Dove Therapy Retreats in Las Vegas? Done and Done again!

  4. Having a baby due on 11/11/11? What an incredible blessing!

  5. Earth Angels in training? Of course…yes yes yes yes

Yes to activating the light body with in me and spreading it in every word, deed and action that I humanly possibly can.

It is time – this year – for you to begin the long awaited journey of awakening to your spirit guides and angels.

Of removing yourself from the drama of every day living and recall your divinity, recall who you really are in truth, without the heavy emotions of fear holding you back.

Can you say yes to getting messages on the spot?

To knowing instantly what’s good for you? Your loved ones? Your family and community at work and at home? For me. For the planet. For all of us. I cannot wait to meet another 100 women who are, like me, on the journey of awakening their self-realized, all knowing, all trusting selves.

Will you be one of them?

I sincerely hope so.

peace, love and wheat grass

Danielle Dove PS: Angels await for your OK sign to deliver heart warming, life shifting messages. May they do so on  March 22-23 2014?  Sign up below and we’ll send you more info as soon as registration opens up and you can take advantage of our early bird price discount.

“YES! Please send me more information, training videos and Q&A’s so I can decide if this retreat is right for me.

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