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You’re not a quiter

I am so proud of how far you have come with believing and trusting in your dreams.

Sure – I know – you’ve had days where that vision felt too distant and too darn hard, you questioned it.

But I also know, you are holding onto the vision for dear life and there is no way in heaven you are going back to a life that isn’t 100% in alignment with that vision and your truth.

I know you.

You won’t give up on your dream and you know what? It’s a really good idea.

Because it chose you – it chose you as much as you chose it.

It knew you were the perfect combination of expertise and knowledge, talent and know-how to make it come into the world and let it help the people it is meant to help.

Now I also there’s been days where you tried to talk yourself out of it becasue it just got too painful and too overwhelming.

Sure – trying to fight against your own resistance is exhausting.

Trying to move uphill towards the goal with a boulder getting in the way and sweating tears and blood to get to it – feels impossible most days.

What if it was possible to do it all without any of the fear and resistance?

What if getting to your goal was really easy?

Would you think it was worth it – or is a very common program popping up right now saying: No, money can only come when I work hard 😉 That’s a big one to diffuse right? What would your life look like if that program was no longer running the show?

You do get to fire your mental programs you know that right?

By finding and clearing the very energies behind the beliefs.

How do you find a belief?

You hear it.

When you think about anyone or anything, don’t you immediately have a bunch of beliefs coming up in your mind?

So then go link the thought to an energy in your body and dissolve the energy by breathing and calling on the light (check out my money challenge for more how to call on the light and allow it to dissolve blocks).

Clearing blocks is an every day brush your teeth routine.

They are nasty little voices who seem to make very little noise when you turn up the music to push through to your goals but int ruth – you must listen and you must dissolve it daily or they run the show and block ideal clients from calling you back and block ideal clients (who really need your help) from saying yes to working with you.

So listen.

Listen to the oppositions inside that are internally saying no to your dreams and one by one:

Link it to a feeling/fear and release, breathe, clear the feeling.

When you clear a feeling – it clears up the thought/belief and all associated programming around it.

Will you have to do it couple more times.


Especially for the deeply rooted ones – yes – but did you have to brush your teeth today? And make food? And shower?


So make it back of your daily spiritual practice.

Your heart and the world, will thank you for it.



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