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You have the power to manifest anything & end self sabotage

You could make it rain

Let’s talk about rain. more specifically manifesting rain and water. You know, making it rain. Sounds pretty close to impossible right? Until you have tried it and it keeps showing up over and over again in your life in your actual reality to the point that you can run through puddles of water with your child you can smell it cooling the atmosphere washing away the pollution and the dirt physical you can collect it, have it, touch it. manifesting rain.

I will show you today why manifesting rain (or sunshine) is actually one of the easiest things to manifest. How the Indian Americans did it and how you can do it for all of your goals. Ready?

(NOTE: Italics below are questions to help you practice discernment and clean out subconscious blocks)

Your magical wand to manifest anything


Let’s talk a minute about chakras before we get started. Chakras act like magnets attracting into your sphere of existences that which you wish to experience. Whether you need more love, more answers or more moolah, your chakras do the work for you assisting you manifesting that which you need. They have this pretty amazing power to attract and allow you to receive the energetic vibration of the thing you are calling forward. If you can feel it, know it and be with it fully in your feeling centers, your gut, then it’s pretty close to impossible NOT getting what you are calling forward. If you are aligned with it, it just shows up. It’s just a law of cause and effect, of matter and attraction. it’s a really cool part of being a spiritual force in a human body. You came with a groovy magical wand, all along your spine, which literally will help you manifest with ease all the time.

Can you remember a time when things showed up in your life really easily? You felt really open to them and there they were?

Do you really want to manifest with ease?

If it’s true that you have the magical ability to manifest anything you want, then how come you aren’t sitting in your infinity pool over looking the ocean from your Caribbean Island?

Cause you’ve got a bodyguard. You may think, having all that you need/want/desire would be totally amazing until you do some digging and realize your solar plexus is physically protecting you from ever having thing come to you with ease.

Let me explain.

If you got everything you wanted/needed with ease, where it literally just came to you, would you feel afraid? Go within for a moment and really notice, if I did get everything with ease (and pick a goal you have been wanting for a long time) would you think…maybe my neighbors might feel jealous? Maybe I don’t want them to envy me? Maybe… parents who worked so hard all their lives wouldn’t approve of me?

What’s a disadvantage of manifesting with ease? Come up with 5 or 10… and you will begin to get an idea of the thoughts shutting magic down in your life.

What do you dislike about manifesting your _______ (insert goal) with ease?

I am talking really really really easy.

If you feel you would only feel worthy of having x after you have put massive efforts into it, lost sleep on it, and really struggled to get there… then do you feel unworthy if it shows up without all the struggling and efforts?

Do you feel more in control when things come to you through hard work?

(*Journal time*)

Your Ego Guard Vs. Your Heart

Out of fear of loosing control/safety or approval your solar plexus (your power center) will act as a bodyguard when something good manifests with ease and physically repel it. If it could talk, your body guard / ego guard will say things like:

Hold on, what is this? Can’t really be this easy… what will they think of me if I manifest this easily? No I don’t want them to judge me or think I’m some sort of witch. Worst! They will call me lazy! (inset whatever trigger word that sets you off).

I would rather be loved and approved of (because it helps us feel safe) so send it back (whatever that amazing opportunity might have been) we will do it our way, we’ll feel in control (more like out of control) and we will have it when we feel ready for it.

heart manifestor activation quote danielle dove

The only issue with this scenario is your heart, which is the ultimate manifestor (and I’ll tell you how I manifest rain using my heart chakra further below) that was the chakra calling forward that very thing you wanted most. Your heart is the ultimate lottery winner, rain maker, magical manifestor. But your solar plexus (right below your heart, behind your navel) who is the self esteem /control chakra will block it out.

And the ego, which is also located in the belly’s solar plexus, will try to do the manifesting business its way. The safe way. The way it was told to do things when it was being programmed (as a kid) when his/her teachers told her to work hard and you’ll end up far, when your parents told you to just study study study and you’ll get everything you want…blah blah blah.

Get your Subconscious on Board to Believe in Magic

Only we aren’t living back then anymore. There’s been a massive shift in energies and planetary vibration and actually working hard, in the energy of control and ego only manifests more out of control, resistance and trouble.

There’s a much softer power, a power that is way louder than the fears of the ego guard. It’s a power we all have, especially the children and adult fairies of this world. We all have an inner fairy somewhere in our heart. I know you do. I so so so so know you do and fairies are really good at manifesting.

Think of any friends you have who is always having fun and partying and manifesting all she needs – most likely she’s skinny, loves animals and nature, adores kids and has a hard time keeping a job or settling down?

Yup. You have an incarnated fairy friend.

Did I loose you?

If you are still here, you must make this pinky promise to me… pinky swear you are only going to use magic to manifest good in your world and the world of others, pinky swear you will give yourself time to learn this process and pinky swear you will do your best to give back, spend time in nature, recycle, eat more vegan meals, hug a tree and do all that stuff fairies love.

Because it works

The way I manifest rain is the same way Indian Americans would (and still) manifest it.

They stand a top the mountain, close their eyes and feel deep in their heart the reality of having rain fall on them, that very moment. They feel it as though it is here. See it, smell it and know it is here.

“Indigenous people have understood this kind of prayer for centuries, and now quantum theory is suggesting that their prayers have a basis in science. The secret is that when we ask for something, we acknowledge what we do not have (staying in a vibration of lack). Continuing to ask only gives power to what has never come to pass. We must first have the feelings of what we wish to experience,we align ourselves vibrationally with already having it and give thanks or gratitude for doing.” From Confessions of a Clairsentient. 

Don’t be Shy: Ask for More

ask for more quote danielle dove

Once the rain comes (or your goal manifests), that’s when it’s time to tap into that inner fairy and clap and celebrate the rain and ask for more. Praise it, love it, keep asking for more. That’s how I keep experiencing the reality of having cool, rainy summers in Vegas since I moved here in 2009.  So OK it still gets to triple digits sometimes, but not for long. In 2013 when I wasn’t in Las Vegas asking for rain, they barely had any and there were devastating fires in Mt Charleston.

Within days of asking and sometimes hours, I live the experience of clouds coming in and sometimes more rain than the Vegas Valley can handle.

That’s when I tell the clouds to stop.

How I manifest rain in Las Vegas?

I ask for it from a place of deep knowingness it is on its way, there is not a single doubt in my mind it won’t rain. I have gained the confidence and certainty that it comes.  It does take time and trials to get to that place of certainty. The first year I honestly tried this because I had an old car without AC so I humbly asked mama earth to keep it cool. That was in 2009 and we had a pretty cool wet summer. Now it comes on days I forget to ask for it. The momentum is just there.

What if making it rain isn’t your thing? Can you see how strengthening this magic muscle could also help you  in your life and practice?

Whether I want to manifest a trip to Europe, a retreat in Hawaii, more clients, less clients, a home, a car, anything and everything (yes I’ll admit using this to get my son to fall asleep faster too), I use the same…

Magic formula:

Like all things that work, it’s pretty simple and anyone can do this.

Imagine the end result of your ultimate goal/wish/desire.

Feel it, see it, know it is here. Feel it so deep in your heart you want to cry about it it is so beautiful. You heart calls it forward. Your heart is saying yes so loudly your ego guard can’t be heard and in fact with love you can release its fears and judgments about manifesting with ease.

When we pray for something, we acknowledge its absence, and that acknowledgement empowers the very condition we don’t want (lack of). He felt the rain falling on his arms, collecting under his toes, feeling his clothes drenched with rain, smelled the ozonic freshness in the air, tasted it on his tongue, imagined shoulder high corn due to all the rain that’s come. In other words, he was connecting with the feeling of already having it.He felt rain.He didn’t ask for it to rain, he imagined it raining now.As the story goes, it did indeed rain. From Confessions of a Clairsentient.

What if your heart is closed?

Can you see why being in touch with your feelings, knowing what you need and want and keeping your heart open is so important to manifesting with ease all that you feel guided to call forward?

Now I know not everyone feels this open and free. It’s taken me years to re-open my heart after loosing my mom to breast cancer. It’s taken me months to get over my break up with my twin flame. And while I was in negative land, my magical wand didn’t stop working. It was just manifesting all my fears and worries. Not a good place to stay in too long.

Healing is Possible.

I am proof of that, which if you keep reading my blog, you will read my stories of loosing my family, almost dying after giving birth and many more drama I experienced to actually use it as a gateway to freedom.

I can help you get to that place of freedom so that what you feel and ask for manifests for you too.

And in all honesty?

It’s time.

It’s time for the light workers, indigo adults and crystal children of this world to grab a hod of their magical abilities and make some really beautiful magic happen in the world.

It has already started.

But what about you?

Where are you at on your journey and are you still letting your solar plexus ego guard say NO to manifesting with ease?

How I can help you

When anger = liver failure (true story) –

(I share a few ways I can help you inside that link).



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