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You can’t die even if you tried

I just looked at myself in the mirror and felt guilty.

Guilty that I should still be a mere 126lbs and a new mom.

Guilty that I have so much and others don’t have everything.

Yet there’s a seed of gratitude in my guilt:

God I am so grateful you taught me how to surrender to love  so that I could have the gift to share with others.

That gift is this energy that won’t ever sleep. It continues to drive me forward knowing that until every women, men and child meant to receive divine love, meant to be touched by truth receives it at least once in their lifetimes, i won’t stop. I can’t stop.

I have the most incredible life. Yes I did just loose my father in law and yes I did have a lot of losses in my life but it’s in the past now. And in the present moment I am incredibly blessed.

So tonight I thought of writing you and I didn’t want it to be just another email. I wanted it to mean something in case there wasn’t going to be anymore letters.

In case you or me decided to stop reading or writing these.

I wanted to leave you with something that would plant a seed – a direct seed – from Truth, Divine Source into your heart so you could begin to know it’s safe for you to wake up.

Do you know what’s the best way to always do what you love and never work a day in your life?

There’s a really easy way.

Let go of resisting your job + life. 

Just let go of hating it and wanting to be elsewhere.

As soon as you do, everything will begin to change.


How do you let go of resistance?

Feel it in your body and take charge. You’re the boss. You’re the one who can melt it away. Shine your light of awareness and begin to see it melt.

Love is never laborious. Sure sometimes it’s the wrong timing (really Hayden you need to breastfeed again!?) HAHA I just had a joy bubble come up because I see his smiling face looking up at me with my nipple in his mouth and I just keep thinking


Wow for my incredible chance at life.

For how many years he and I communicated between the heavenly sky and finally I get to hold him in my arms!

Wow that I already have experienced 9 + months of this life with him. It’s already been created, lived, rejoiced, cried over and felt deeply.

And so today my friend I say to you, you can’t die.

Nope. Not if someone tries to kill you, not if you loose every dime in your bank account.

You cannot die.

So with that in mind, can you let go of resisting the now and begin to live your life the way that your soul’s blueprint intents to live it?

And it’s not like you have to do anything. If you’ve ever taken a Yin Yoga class it’s about getting in the posture and doing no-thing. No resistance, no straining, not even trying to get in the pose. You mean I can just be!?

Yes, you can just be and the world will fall in its place.

It will fall in its place because you started with the person staring back at you:


So I don’t know if I am even the person to help you get there.

I intend to be for as many people as I can.

I promised you a gift last week from a women who uplifted me.

Her name is Crystal Andrus and she helped me know deeply that I am not a fraud. You can read more about my time with her, how I spent $1400 + a video of the rain in Las Vegas, my baby and my beloved Dan… I found a feather on my way to my office/casita/healing room. Another blessed sacred space all for me. I needed a feather to take to Hawaii for our altar. It just came to me.

I needed 11+ women to join me in Hawaii. They are all coming. I have found them, they have found me and I sorta wish you could all be there. One day, you will.

And so I say goodnight with the knowingness that at least I am doing my best to love all and shine brightly. At least I can be a lighthouse for those who need it.

Don’t drown in your feelings, they can be released.

Don’t give up, call on Archangel Michael, he’s got more spiritual biceps than any earthly man out there. 

If you need love, go to Source. It won’t ever stand you up but love you up. 

With peace, love, endless devotion,

Danielle Dove

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