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When things go missing: why it happens + how to find them again, stress-free

Wouldn’t you love being able to find something that’s missing, without looking for it?

You know, just magically?

It’s all possible.

I guide you in this first step (out of 3) to get you started finding those missing things in your life by practicing something you do every day: gratitude.

Here’s the link if the video doesn’t come up in your browser

Part 2: The Magical Wand Clearing Workshop is here, as promised!In 10 powerful minutes we move through 6 critical steps to:

  1. release feelings to boost your mental clarity and intuition

  2. clear the power chakra connected with your intuition

  3. reactivate it with a color,

  4. forgive any past stories around using that power chakra,

  5. set some parameters around using it wisely

  6. and do a healing with Archangel Michael and Raphael

all to serve you in finding something that’s gone missing, stress free, using your innate intuitive abilities.

Part 1 is free and the other parts, I was nudged by the angelic realm to make private due to its advanced content… To keep it sacred and for committed souls only, there is a tiny fee to open up its content.

when things go missing just trust the universe's got your back

Have you ever found something really important when you were actually looking for something totally different?

It can happen that a guide or an angel purposely misplaces an object you will need to get your attention on another matter.

Using your intuitive wand, your clairs and chakras will help you find it more easily (and it will make the angel’s job of guiding you in the direction of you desires, that much easier!)

Your heavenly team manages your life – even the parts you forget about – so don’t worry, keep flowing, praying, allowing, releasing and it all leads to exactly what you wanted.

things go missing to get your attention

The magical wand clearing workshop to help you access your intuition and find what’s missing is now available!

Has this happened to you?

What have you lost and what did you find while looking for it?

Let me know below

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magical wand clearing workshop
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