When life gets tough, connect with your clairs.

Hi there gorgeous!

Have you ever felt someone watching over you – especially in times of stress?  Your gut feeling was right.

In this week’s video, we talk about such a common feeling I am sure it’s happened to you too: you feel as though someone is watching over you.  Is there really someone there? And do they have the power to help you with your life’s problems?

Yes. And yes.

But it doesn’t matter that I can see them, hear them and enter into a dialogue with them. It matters if you are able to recognize their energy and be able to hear their guidance for your highest and best.

To that end, I made a special recording of Meditating with Angels to help clear and activate the most important part of your telephone to heaven: your Clair-Cognizance. And what’s more, we talk about a very important inner saboteur. You can recognize this saboteur when deep in your gut you know what you are supposed to do and yet don’t carry through out of fear you will miss out on other’s approval. Can you relate?

It’s like having a computer virus and it can be quickly handled. Awareness is the beginning of all healing journey.

It’s your time! Shine bright!

when life gets tought connect with your clairs danielle dove

I have a special Easter story for you.

A few years ago on Easter, I went to church with my son’s grandmother. I sat back and tuned into the energies in the church. I could hear people’s thoughts and worries and was surprised that no one was connecting vertically.  They were actually seemingly trapped under a  thick cloud cover over a few feet above their heads.

I finally understood the reason so many people could not connect to their own angels and guides nor be able to hear them. They didn’t know how to rise above the cloud cover made up of all their thoughts and worries.

Something that seemed and evidence to me – connecting to the divine vertically – obviously was not to the hundreds of people there.

Fast forward to this morning and my deepest wish to have a meditation to help you connect vertically and rise above that cloud cover is finally here.

I am grateful for the young soul who inspired me to make this week’s video and new meditation.

You see Cassie, only good is coming from your story already.

You can now make comments and let me know which of your clairs you feel is open and if you have ever felt a presence watching over you.

Looking forward to reading your answers.


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Here’s the link to download your MP3 meditation (happy egghunting – the password is hidden in the video above 🙂

Extra Resources:

Special Easter Combo Sale

Cassie, you inspired me to make these two resources available this week.  I have never offered them as a combo before but I can’t believe I never thought of it. They go so well together.  To have your clairs work better for you, you got to clear your chakras – they are so interrelated. So think of it this way: if you desire more intuition and greater connectivity, just focus on a chakra clearing routine. I am sending these two gifts to you now and I hope it helps you feel the love of the spirit surrounding you.

If you want to join Cassie on the journey towards knowing yourself better and living a happier, more connected life, this combo is really fun to add to your toolbox.


PS: I guarantee that you will have fun healing. If you don’t laugh during your healing journey with me, I will happily refund your money.  So if within 30 days you are not satisfied with the meditation album or the guidebook, just ask for a refund.


Every great journey begins with one small step.

It’s never too late to get started.

5% of the proceeds will go to help support Will Weigel who suffered an anoxic brain injury at 10.5 months old which changed his life and that of his family. You can read more about his story and his mother’s amazing work here.  

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Earth Angels in Training

Wow! What? An Easter Combo Sale!

Want to learn more about clairs ? And how they can help you form a relationship with Archangels?

Wondering if you can eat chocolate and be intuitive.

I figured you would ask! 😉

For the first time ever (and it ends super soon) I am bundling both the amazingly beautiful chakra clearing album AND the Earth Angels in Training Guidebook.

earth angels in training content part 1
earth angels in training contents