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When everything goes wrong and my intuition gives me no answers

Q: Danielle, so many things have gone wrong in my life in a matter of days. Someone stole a piece of electronic from me worth $500, then the next day, while I was driving my two back tires exploded, then I just found out I have to get surgery to remove a skin growth and last week-end, a client came up to me and started yelling at me violently.

I am a spiritual person. I meditate, I am intuitive, why are these things happening to me? When I try to get answers, I don’t feel connected anymore.

Can you help me?

A: Magic to the rescue! First, huge hug to you, while you may not be able to see it right this moment, what you are experiencing is actually really good news.

You are experiencing these life shifts and major wake up calls because at some point you decided to follow your spiritual gift and live differently. At some point you got off the path of living to get through the motion and you began listenign to the song of your soul’s calling.

You began a whole new journey of living out your truth.

You listened and even started training as an intuitive. You listened and even meditated with angels, cleared your chakras and created an entire healing space.

You’ve learned to re-open your intuitive gifts and accept your inner child whom had been so naturally gifted growing up but couldn’t find a reason to keep her gift when so many around her criticized her for being so different.

Almost 45 years later, when it became time to call those gifts forward again, your body literally showed you how to slow down and work on your clair-voyance.  You had no choice. You had to stop and rest.

Can you recognize how this helped you set in motion the beautiful manifestation of your soul’s purpose?

Yes, it all really helped me open up to a world I had all but forgotten. I learned so much from that experience and created my healing space during that time.

Everything you have done so far has been in harmony with you stepping on this new path of an intuitive healer, a shaman, a priestess.And yet, the song of your soul is still calling you.

Calling you to step out of the shadows back into the light.Out of your old reality into the new.

You can only move forward from this point on.

The shifts have started, the momentum is generating more light and sweet love. It is guiding you forward, forward to call back your truth, call back your magic and keep manifesting intuitively.

Have you put a spiritual practice in place to show up to listen, just to listen to what’s next for you?

No. I have stopped meditating. I felt nudged to go into my healing space but didn’t listen. Ah. I love honesty. And I love that you did get messages, nudges, sensations to do something for you, for your soul, your purpose and to train in the art of intuitive listening.

It can be scary.

To sit still and listen to our soul, or even our inner child. What if she shows up and she needs us more than we feel ready to give?

What if we feel overwhelmed by all the truth that comes up?

Something inside you didn’t feel ready or positive enough about self care in your own healing space, didn’t feel the urgency or the need and so what happened?

Month went by and I didn’t connect.

Right and do you think it’s possible that it is now trying to get your attention because you could be possibly heading in the wrong direction since you didn’t listen to your intuition, it is now really trying to help you?

Yes I can see that now but how come I can’t connect now that I really need to?

What happens when you try to connect?

I just feel completely separated from the source energy that I normally feel. I can’t feel or hear or see anything. It’s as though I am completely disconnected.

I proceed by hovering my hand above her crown chakra and the energy feels restricted, as though she put a block there to stop connecting to Source, to her higher self and wisdom.

I tell her this and she admits: Yes. when everything went wrong last week, I began having doubts in God and angels. Although I did feel protected when my two tires broke down, it did disconnected me from my faith.

We went on a magical walk through her property.

We sat with nature and sat in a circle of light. We meditated. We healed her fears. We did what her intuition had guided her to do months before.We did in the now, only what we could: we sat and listened. I listened for her.

I gave her all the messages from the energy that had tried to come through previously but couldn’t. It had so much love and joy to share with her about the coming two years of her life. Things she needed to learn now to set things in motion. We went back in her healing space. Her crystals and angel statues were so happy to see us. They needed lots of dusting off.The vortex of energy she had created was still there, but it did need some re-activating and TLC. The healing that proceeded was so jam packed with wisdom, we could only receive so much before we had to stop.

I saw and felt so much wanted to come through to help set up the healing center she had received in a vision a few month before.

I could see how her current business was creating tightness around her root chakra.

How her relationship with her husband was affecting her freedom to really ascend freely.

We changed her fears back to faith.

She began changing her mind and seeing things a differently.

Progress. That’s all we need sometimes. Just progress.

All it took was a friend with enough faith and clairvoyance to pull her out of fear back into a place where she now reopened her powerful crown chakra and became 100% clear and intuitive again.

When we are all loving, we are all intuitive. Learning to experience freedom from overwhelming emotion has been my priority so I could be 100% intuitive.

It is a vital speck in the wheel that moves our life forward.

In Healing Dove Therapy, we look at everything: the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies as holistically as possible as they all have something to say and if the message doesn’t come in through one form, it will show up through another.

Your turn: Learn to listen to your messenger…develop your intuition, heal your life.

How do you receive messages?

How does your soul try to get your attention?

  1. Through your body? (Aches/fatigue/headache/pain/illness)

  2. Any spontaneous thoughts or ideas to do something, read something, go somewhere?

  3. Any re-occurring strong emotions from life experiences such as repeatedly feeling triggered by people and life’s circumstances the same way over and over again?

  4. Any messages from your guides and angels during your meditation, sleep or walks in nature?

Have no clue? Worry not. Since every question is always answered, just ask your soul:

How do you try to get through to me and what can I do to really hear you?

You will get the answer in the form of a deep knowingness, a dream or a message coming through.

Cut back on TV/cell phone just enough to hear what it wants to tell you. And if you’ve been getting messages already and don’t feel you have the energy to take action on what you hear or feel, even if it’s as small as going for walks in the morning or cutting back on watching TV, ask your soul to give you the courage to do what it is recommending you to shift into. I often say to God,

Thanks for showing me the way, now please give me the courage to do your will.

But that’s just me. Do what works for you.

To your dreamiest life shifts ever, Danielle Dove. PS: Want to party into freedom with me? Emotional freedom that is and it’s a party because in truth it is a blast to lighten up. The first two sweet spots have been snatched up but there are still 4 packages available at the introductory early bird price.  I’ll be honored to help you reach emotional freedom and greater intuition. xo

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