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When dreams don’t come true + what to do about it

when dreams don't come true and what you can do about it

Some people have goals.

I have dreams.

I like having dreams.

It’s airy fairy fun.

I make wishes over every birthday cake and encourage everyone to do the same.

But I gotta tell you I grew up this year.

A really big dream of mine didn’t come true and can’t come true anymore.

Not unless I chain myself to the desert sand and defend the land on behalf of my dream.

I had a dream of starting a community garden south of the 215 near Jones where a big plot of land (acres and acres) were left bare and open for

a wild dove such as myself to land her dreams into

and visualize her idyllic garden every time she walked by.

She relished on how fun it would be for the community to have

a plot of land,

grow greens and

enjoy life with singing,

dancing and


But dreams don’t come true without action.

Not without calling the city and getting the zoning changed.

Not without rallying some serious meaningful troops of

open hearted yogis

willing to knock door to door and ask the community to pitch in to buy the land.


The bulldozers came last week and tear apart the desert sand.

There goes my heart. my dream. and my day.

Tears rolled down my face as my son played unaware of my heart breaking.

Here comes more neighbors,

more houses more ways to separate human beings into cookie cutter buildings without any sensible way to connect meaningfully in an open land.

Well, at least, not in my neighborhood.

My heart ached in sorrow.

I put my son to sleep for his nap and cried tears of anger and tears of shame.

How could I have done that?

How could I have ignored the multiple signs?

The letter that even came to my door step with the notice of the public hearing?

I didn’t even go to voice my dream.

Never even tried to follow my heart’s guidance to call in and ask for the zoning to be changed.

I reminded myself I was having a baby and retreats and this and that and of course we always are too busy.

What I got from the experience is I kept my dream too far away.

It was too big for my small hands.

I thought I had to do it all on my own.

I had not thought of merging my dream with others.

Life shifted for me on that day and showed me new possibilities.

I still made a wish on my 30th birthday.

I still clapped my hands and invited the fairies to come over for some fun.

And with deep breaths and self-forgiveness I quickly realized my dream did come true.

That evening, I was eating fresh greens from a local garden blocks from my home.

Not joking!

It was sweeter and more healing than I could have imagined it.

Don’t you love it when things get done without your help?

Here’s how I have been making my dreams come true, gently, lovingly, guided by intuition + what you can do when your dreams don’t come true.

Remember dreams don’t come true without action… reading this article is your first step sweet dove.

1. Don’t give up on them for they haven’t given up on you & Do let the dream do the picking

The dream picked you because it knows you are perfect for it.

It’s been looking for you as long as you have been looking for it!

You are the perfect combination of smart, funny, beauty and energy to make it happen.

Dreams never make mistakes!

If the dream didn’t or can’t happen anymore, it might just mean the dream has a different idea in mind for you.

A different quality.

A different group of people it might guide you towards.

So you may not marry this person but it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have the most gorgeous fun marriage you ever wanted.

So you may not get to keep this house or get this job or the project you wanted.

It doesn’t mean you don’t get to have it. It might mean you just don’t get to have it exactly the way you had thought it should have happened.

The very night of my difficult heart break I ran into a great friend of mine who has the exact same dream as mine and has been growing gardens in Vegas for years.

I breathed a great big sigh of relief and stayed in his arms a little longer feeling as though,

I had come home.

Life showed me my dream already was happening.

Here was his gorgeous gardens just blocks away.

I just hadn’t thought to ask + see the dream might have already started elsewhere.

2. Don’t give power to the voice – Do give power to the truth

Ya know that inner nagging voice that always comes around to tell you:

“It’s a waste of time, it will never work, you won’t make any money doing it, what’s the point, no one cares blah blah blah.”

Honestly, here’s my advice: When the voice tells you that junk, graciously give it a hug, give it a wink, bat your wings and fly off to another flock of happy doves willing to believe in you and sing your praises even if you never do a dang thing about it.

Cuz we love you anyway!

Breathe that in.

Let it soften your shoulder.

Sink down to your heart and claim your pow -pow-power! 🙂

3. Write, sing, draw affirm the ideal for your dream


graciously without trying to control the shape of your creation,

without dictating the colors you will use to paint your canvas,

let the moment flow within you like a gracious swirl breathing in and out of your heart.

Be that gentle wave caressing the sand during sunset.

Take a pen and paper and write down some answers to these questions:

If you could sit down with your dream for a chat, seeing it as perfect whole and completed, what would it tell you?

  1. How did it get so perfectly complete?

  2. Did anyone help you?

  3. What did they look like?

  4. How did you meet them?

Quiet your mind. Open your heart and let the words flow through you.

  1. How did you feel while working on this dream (hum playing, but don’t tell anyone).

  2. Were you full of energy or stressed and tired?

  3. Were you at the right place at the right time meeting the exact people you needed to take it to the next level?

  4. Were you growing and expanding and adventuring through wild sun filled days in awe with the manifestation of what spirit could actually do with you through you as you!?

Tell me sweet soul… What did your dream tell you?

  1. Did it tell you it could also support you financially, emotionally and physically?

  2. Was it full of infinite potential?

  3. Do you finish that book with a group of like minded writers giving you positive sensible feedback? The book will tell you how it got done, trust it!

  4. Are you working with a coach to help you keep your momentum?

  5. Are you working 1,2 or 3 days a week for 2, 3 or 4 hours a day?

The dream has already happened darling dove. It’s done. It’s just been waiting for you to hop, fly or scooteddoodle on over!

4. Do one layer at at time

Whose ever made a multi-layered cake? (Hand is raised!)

Do you work on all 3 or 4 or 5 layers all at once?

Or do you do one layer and then lick the spoon, dance around the kitchen for a bit?

And then perhaps adventure through another layer and another?

Do the same for your dreams.

Break them down into realizable action steps that wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to do.

Those super small to dos could be as simple as talking to a few people about your dream and starting a separate mailing list for them if they are interested. Keep in touch with them once a month. Sit down with your dream for a chat for 15 minutes.

Talk so someone about it or don’t.

Keep it to yourself.

Create your ideal dream box of everything that you need to make it happen.

An awesome lawyer?

Web Designer?


Put it in the box. Commit to doing those 15 minutes dream task once a week or once a day. Whatever feels right for you is the right answer.

5. Did someone say the word perfect?

When your dream landed in your heart did it have a condition that you had to do it perfectly?

I don’t think so.

It landed in your heart feeling so warm and fussy and safe.

It knew it had finally found you and totally digs hanging out with you.

Never did it think of asking you to make anything perfect for it knows it’s already perfect in its very own essence.

It’s not up to you to make it perfect. It’s just up to you to receive the seeds and love the vision.

6. If you enjoyed it then do it again, guilt free

and again.

and again.

Do what works for you and if you are enjoying it, do it again.

That’s how dreams come true!

When we are enjoying the process all along.

I put out E-Books + E-Courses and workshops and more products and more retreats because I love the creative process from beginning to end.

I keep doing it again and again because it’s fun!

And if you’re having fun creating it, others will have fun purchasing it from you.

7. Trust that having fun is the new currency!


Did I hear work had to be hard, stressful, even shameful at times?

Did I hear if you didn’t do it perfectly you’d be sent to your room without diner?

Seriously, are those voices still owning you?

I think it’s time for a fairy goddess such as yourself to say you are much bigger taller heavenly-er than those old voices.

Let’s let Archangel Michael swoosh those old wounds out of your right ear chakra (cuz that’s where the old beliefs are stored).

Are you breathing darling dove?

Once you feel the process completed, Archangel Michael with Razael will replace the old with the new. You can trust these two Archangels, they are incredibly wise and know what you need but they do need your permission. Once they got it, they will ask you to lean back and they will put in some new truth into your left ear which may sound like these:

My income and my kindness are constantly increasing. My work is my play. I share my love, light and experience with the world and my sacred marketplace is always happy glad and grateful to purchase my life shifting products and services from me. Wherever I go, miracles are happening through me as me with me. It is just as possible and probably that I as a spiritual woman may need want and desire to have allow welcome and let in $________ into my life to have the most comfortable home, car, garden and to be able to give to charities I heart. I have infinite potential. I am as worthy as I am light [tweet this quote].

8. Decide your dreams do come true and own it

Stamp your feet and let all the voices from your peers that told you not to dream too big or not to ask for too much dissolve like a cloud of smoke.

Stamp your feet and declare:

“MY dreams come true!


And then just clap your hands really fast and join me in celebrating you for you are amazing.

This tip is short and sweet so you can get off the chair and stamp your feet and declare:

“My dreams DO come true! Yes they do! MY dreams picked ME and they picked me for they knew I was perfect for them as they are perfect for me”


9. Give it the definition that works for you

I love giving words the definitions I want them to have not what others have taught me they should mean [tweet this].

(Ahh, pause here for a moment to truly appreciate how unique and different God made me. Now I get to share that unique difference with you. Woohoo!).

My new definition for dreams (and a whole lot more).

They are the seeds planted in my heart by spirit.

I as the recipient receive all the training and tools necessary from Life itself to make the dream as big and bold and beautiful as it was created to be.

It’s inevitable for my dreams to sprout up and out into my arms.

We are always abundantly supplied with all the resources we need for it to grow into the strong tall manifestation it is asking to be.

My dreams add value and beauty to the world.

My dreams are indispensable to the world and the world is excited for my dreams to come true.

Everyone loves and appreciates me.

(copy, paste, color, put on your wall and your mirrors, breathe in this new definition, give it life and it will give you life right back!)

and while you are at it, write a new definition that works for you for what love means to you:

or relationships:

or work:

and life:


Just give it the definition you feel would work for you.

Write, sing, and dance your new definition and soon enough you will experience the definition of that word in full 3 D LIVING COLORS.

10. Walk away for a little while

It’s OK to work on that one layer and then put it in the fridge for a bit.

It’s OK to even eat that first layer and then when you are ready start over.

It’s OK to take a break.

This isn’t supposed to be a fight.

Life + your dreams were not meant to be hard.

I don’t want to hear you are ‘fighting’ for your dreams.

That means you were resisting the dream and resistance is as exhausting as hanging around people who keep talking about themselves and have nothing positive to say.

Join me over over here and walk through some letting go exercises.

Breathe and yes, Let go.

When it comes back to you, you will be a little taller, a little stronger, a little wiser and more open to receive it.

And if you take your dream as lightly as you would baking a cake, it wouldn’t be offended and in fact it might really think you are just so gorgeous and fun and all over kissable.


Here’s to your dreams gorgeous soul.

Happy dreamin’ sweet one!

Danielle Dove

Ps: And if you are a fairy like me looking for a garden, friends and some fresh greens, send me a message. There are some fun to be had Monday nights at my friend’s garden + greens to eat 🙂

PSS: Feel guided to dust off your wings and roll into more sparkly fun with moi? Check out my upcoming Earth Angels in Training one day intensive

Spirit Guide and Angel Connection Virtual Retreat
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