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When a loved one is sick and you want to help them

Have you ever been so upset about someone you love that you were no longer able to focus on how to best help them out of their situation?  Have you had a loved one diagnose with cancer and felt completely powerless to help them? You didn’t know what to do?

Did it make you so upset that you actually lost your cool or got short and irritated?

Did it help the situation?

I know this is going to sound absurd and totally counter-intuitive but the moment a person or a situation makes you leave a space of love and go into anger, fear or frustration, the most important person to sit with and listen to in that moment is  … actually you.

If you can have the strength and courage to choose love in that moment and take an hour break to breathe and work through some of the freedom party tips I have for you below, you will be so much more connected and centered to actually receive all the intuitive insights and advice you need to guide this person forward, effectively.

You will then be able to connect to their guides and angels and not feel so alone about it anymore. And you may connect to a solution you both wouldn’t have thought of if you had stayed in the zone I call the ‘non intuitive ego zone’. The part of our emotional radio dial when we are most definitely 100% reactive, fearful and 0% intuitive.

A friend shared with me yesterday that her ex was getting married to another woman and it was making her head spin endlessly into jealousy.  She couldn’t focus on what she needed to get done.  So I told her to allow herself to feel what the story was resonating in her.  The only way out of the non intuitive ego zone is to go into it, with enough positive energy to set it free.

The only way out is in.

*Pass that one on, tweet it, post it, let’s help the world heal by going inward and finding oneness again, what do you think?

And going in can be fun. In fact, I often giggle all the way through. I break down what a freedom party looks like in this Q&A and give you a priceless free gift – one that guarantees your freedom.

what's the freedom party about

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