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What to do when the word “NO” triggers inner conflict

what to do when the word no triggers inner conflict

how do we say no without sounding like the bad guy and if we don’t say no, we end up feeling used.

Can you relate?

It’s an inside job to change one’s outside reality.

While in previous Fanny Pack adventures I showed you how you can turn your sensitivity into a gift the world needs and the power of dancing to cut draining energy cords, this week we dive deep into self-sabotaging behaviors.

As I said tonight in the Meditating with Angels class here in the South of France, Angels do guide us to look at what’s underneath the surface, programmed in our subconscious, so we can be more effective co-creators.

The ultimate goal is to get to the reality where you won’t even attract into your field of experience the reality of anyone ‘using’ you.

Look at your aversions and the heaviness you feel and breathe into it.

It comes from deep within and together we can heal what we could never heal alone.

  1. Video being edited – I will repost when it’s ready.

Truth & Dare Party time:

Truth: “We don’t like to hear NO because we are here to really transform patterns on this planet”.


Dare: Follow through with self-transformation by making space right now in your mind + heart for some TLC with you + inner child + angels to feel the heaviness/aversion when you imagine yourself saying NO to someone you love, or something you would like to do but know you don’t have the time or energy to do it.

Breathe into what happens.

Let it go.

Write what the resistance has to say.

And then draw wisdom from it.

Notice if next time around it’s easier to say no…or you don’t even need to say no anymore. The issue has been completely resolved.

And if you don’t want to feel used anymore sweet beautiful angel,

Ask Archangel Michael to put a filter over your phone, calendar and social life so that only those for your highest and best can get through to you.

Sometimes we can feel powerless to say no because we dearly want to feel like we belong or that we are loved and appreciated by our peers (work or life)

If that’s the case, call on a higher source of power that can help you say no with love and kindness.

You don’t ever have to do it alone.

And if you say yes out of fear you won’t get that job promotion or the abundance you need from someone, remember:

The source of abundance is a match to how abundant you feel inside.

Fear takes from you.

Faith brings to you.

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