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What should I eat to be more intuitive? (…and sexy, skinny, healthy?)

I am (very) often asked:

How do you get your intuitive answers so fast and so easily from your guides + angels? It’s in the pudding.

Or… what I don’t put in my pudding.

I don’t put pasteurized grain fed cow’s milk.


Homogenized Fat.


And all the other ingredients I can’t even pronounce like Carrageenan?

What the heck is that?

Yet it’s in all the almond milk you find at the store except for a few brands.

So instead, what do I eat to have laser focus intuition that pierces trough to the truth?

Every morning Over 15 bananas end up in a blender. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. Sometimes just for mommy and baby. Sometimes for daddy too. But the bananas tell me they are OK shape shifting into a smoothie. They also don’t mind the couple cups of organic kale

TIP #1: Eat your greens blended with bananas. 

Or the spoonfuls of Hemp Protein Powder that gives it such a nice green glow.

TIP #2: Best source of Iron and other goodies is organic hemp protein powder – we get ours from Vitacost.

They know how important it is for us to get our carbohydrates from raw food sources. They know the alternative is no fun:

Eating carbohydrates from cooked grains means you have to eat it cooked, salted and buttered up which means difficult digestion and who feels like meditating after carb loading?

I know it sounds crazy…15 bananas!???? OK so maybe personally it’s only 8 for me. Which is about 800 calories. But the days I don’t eat my 8 bananas or more…

Guess what I end up craving? Bread, Rice, Pasta. So load up on RIPE bananas (the ones in the picture are very unripe) Tip #3: let them ripen until brown spots appear, they are sweeter 🙂 Which brings me to

Tip #3.5: Stock up on bananas this week to eat next week. Stores rarely have ripe bananas to sell.

Worried about the sugar and your teeth? I am a new mother who lost over 30% of her enamel due to pregnancy. I tried all kinds of supplements and recipes to help me. If you also have sensitive teeth, this next tip could really help you eat healthy, get your carbs + greens and keep your beautiful teeth:

Tip #4: Mixing in greens such as kale reduces the acidity of the sugar which won’t hurt your enamel.

That was one of my tricks to staying healthy + trim before, during and after my pregnancy: I get most of my carbs from fruits – raw and ripe and avoid grains as much as I can.

The best part is when we eat healthy + light, our energy is freed up to access higher consciousness. It’s much easier to receive guidance on an empty or semi-empty stomach and when you work from the divine, as Rosa (Healing Dove Therapist) said recently: “when you do sessions, it’s incredible you almost forget to eat!”

Yes it’s true… divine love truly is food for the soul and body.

Hayden likes his green smoothie every morning and for those of you who are mamas out there, it’s a great trick to getting raw fruits + greens into their diet right from the start! He’s been loving the green smoothies since he was a baby.

Tentative Recipe (go with your instinct)

  1. 4-5 ripe + peeled bananas

  2. 1 or 2 spoonful of hemp protein powder

  3. 2 handful of kale (or lettuce or celery stalks)

  4. 1/2 cup of water or more depending on how thick you like your smoothie.

  5. Blend until smooth (you don’t need a fancy blender, any blender will chop up the kale and bananas, just make sure to put the bananas first and kale last).

  6. Pour.

  7. And top with frozen blueberries if you want to eat it with a spoon and a sweet surprise at every bite.

Could almost be called my blueberry cereal with banana milk breakfast 🙂

With love, light and a green mustache,

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