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What is Happy Soul eSchool?

From the Desk of Danielle Dove, from Provence, South of France

November 13, 2013

Hi there sweet souls,

I thought I would take 10 minutes to pour on to the page everything that Happy Soul eSchool is meant to be and is becoming as we breathe together its creation.

It’s a Training Center

It is a thorough training + certification program for the intuitive earth angel, Solo CEO, Creative Conscious Mama, adult indigo, and lightworker looking for that something else, that something more in their lives, wondering how can I be of service and help the world heal and live abundantly happy doing what I love every day?

It’s a Gym for the Soul

Like all muscles our intuition can be strengthened, toned and used to support us and our dreams. The more it is used with the right training, the easier receiving information and acting on them will be for you.

It’s a Healing Center

It is a healing center for the artistic Solo CEO with a big vision and mission looking for support, guidance and empowerment. A place where bouncing off your ideas, calling other classmates and Solo CEOs like you means real support and real healing to step forth in the world with your dream.

It is meant to have the feel of spending time over a cup of tea with a dear bright shining friend who only has unconditional love and support for you with deep wisdom and guidance.

It’s an Adventure

Whether you are inviting Angels and Guides into your life with Meditating with Angels, receiving a Heart Chakra Activation from a Sacred Space in Europe, training your intuitive muscles at Earth Angels in Training, ascending into a more empowered version of yourself with Living Goddess Guide + Living Goddess Journals, you are having spiritual adventures during which you may release a lot and gain twice as much in return.

It’s a Retreat

Have you ever attended an incredible retreat that rocked your world, inspired you to fly high and reach for the stars only to come home and miss the support and guidance you received? What if you had a sacred space at home where that energy lived on and every time you connected to the ebooks and exercises you felt that alive again or at least that supported? That is the purpose + mission of Happy Soul eSchool.

It’s a Research Center

Healing happens on the level of the heart. Let’s pull our hearts and minds together to brainstorm ideas on how we can take our healing businesses to our communities, our children and the world at large to bring real change where most needed. Why not have Healing Doves guide meditations for patients inside hospitals ? Why not have Meditating with Angels at the white house? Why not teach energy healing to children? Why not use natural herbs to heal our bodies? The new earth is here and it needs a new economy, new minds, new solutions.

It’s super affordable

For less than a cup of coffee a day you can have access to all the meditations, ecourses and training certification programs for an entire year and keep all the downloads for ever. ($199/year or $19.99/month)

When does it start?

3 modules of 8 weeks each are offered each year December – August:

Module #1 begins December 1 2013 with Meditating with Angels LIVE twice a month and Manifest Sacred Spaces

Module #2 begins March 1 2014 with Law of Attraction Twin Flame Love E-Course

Module #3 begins June 1 2014 with Earth Angels in Training

BONUS: Heart Activations from 3 different sacred spaces to help you focus during your meditation will be offered in July + August.

CERTIFICATION in Healing Dove Therapy Basic in Energy Healing, Oracle Card Reading and Space Clearing will be given to all who complete the modules.

I know we are all busy creative mamas with Businesses and family obligations that’s why the courses are self-paced.

For 8 weeks I am available for the Live Meditating with Angels sessions, but you’ll get a recording if you missed the class.

For 8 weeks three times a year I will be there for Live Q&A and Readings

In 2014, the Healing Dove Therapy Master course will be offered with the Living Goddess Guides + Journals and special guest courses from other leaders and experts in the field.

When do you start?

You start whenever life, work, relationships are more painful than they are fun.

You start when all of life’s distraction bring you to one true desire: inner peace.

You start when you’ve reached your creative peak with your business and are looking for new ways to serve your customers.

You start when resentment keeps you spinning and angry.

You start when everything is amazing in your life and you are ready to discover your soul’s gift of healing and manifesting.

You start because you feel the calling in your heart the world needs you and your gifts.

You start when you are ready to train with other intuitive soul sisters to earn a certificate in a healing modality that is non-draining and easy to do and gives you the freedom to travel and manifest all the clients you need. (Not just wishful thinking, I have lived this way for several years and so have other Healing Dove Therapy Practitioners I guided through the program).

So my sweet darling soul sister…

Sign up link for Manifest Sacred Spaces Ecourse with Danielle Dove

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