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Want to Learn How to Manifest? Make Wishes, Live Simply, Have it All

It’s not every day that I have the chance to wake up to write to you. When the divine inspiration doesn’t come, I don’t send out an email. Yet you all know me, when the inspiration comes, I don’t stop until it’s complete.

Some ask me,

“How do you do it all?”

I do spend loads of quality time with my son, and putting together E-Courses, teaching, manifesting …well, The easiest, simplest answer is “(i) don’t do it.” The little i is the personality i, the one who tries and tries to figure things out and beats me up if i don’t have the answer. Maybe you relate to having those small i moments…cranky, feeling alone, resisting the whole world i and getting frustrated i.

Meditation helps us get in touch with our capital I – the Angel in us. The God in us. The Creative All Knowing Force.

Here’s an example of how I go from the small (i) to I.

I sit in meditation and focus on my breath. I feel the layers of the small personality (i) vanish with each exhale. Five more breaths and that ever famous yogi smile comes on. You might now that smile practitioners of meditation have on their faces once they feel oneness with Spirit. It’s intoxicating. Five or more breaths go by, another layer lifts off. That smile again. Haaaa.  Welcome home.

I had placed candles, drawings, statues, and flowers all around me in the shape of a circle and I sat down in the middle.  I’ve always been a big fan of fairy circles and I make them wherever I am. I focused on my breath and my 3rd eye. I sent love out and I received a lot back. My teacher Yogananada came to say hello. We meditated for a bit.

And then the little personality i came back for a bit and tried to make me think about this newsletter.

“You know, you really should be better at keeping in touch with your subscribers” “I love you”, I replied. “No, really, what are you going to write about this week?” “I love you”, I replied. “Oh, I know, maybe you should write about this……..or that……” “I love you”, I replied.

Quiet again.

What we love dissolves. What we resists persists.

All the small ‘i’ is ever looking for is love.

I spend a few more hours releasing, meditating, just being. I went to sleep peacefully and surrendered.  Maybe I just wasn’t going to write a newsletter this week. And then I woke up around 6am with this ‘HAHA’ moment.

My HaHa Moment 

I remembered a wish I had made.  Wouldn’t be cool if Meditating with Angels was offered at the White House? I mean, I don’t even know if it’s possible.  But I rarely worry about the ‘how’.  In fact neither should anybody.  Only the small i worries about the how. The all knowing part of ourselves just knows it’s much wiser and effective to focus on the end result and on releasing any non-loving feelings, be it fear, frustration or even excitement as that can be a form of pride. Yet I had totally forgotten about that wish/idea/dream of mine.

Just as I had walked the grounds of the newly built ginormous Whole Foods Market in 2008 thinking, “Wouldn’t be cool if I got to teach here?”

When I was running down the strip on Earth Hour a year later about to meet the woman who would make that wish come true, I had totally forgotten about that thought. Totally. The universe hadn’t. Like a Back Stage Producer, playing all the roles of Seamstress, Light Technician, Screenwriter, the Universe is ever at work putting together the pieces of your most heart centered wishes. I know it is.

And that’s what the angels wanted you to know today. Don’t worry about How your dreams or wishes are to come about. “Go play. Stop looking for the ‘how’.  You are getting in the way”, remind us the Angels lovingly and patiently. Next they show me the image of a 3 year old having a tantrum stepping on all her beautiful seeds because they aren’t coming out fast enough. Humm, reminds you of anyone?

Certain laws of the universe dictate, “whatever we start from a place of lack ends up in lack.” Whatever we wish for from a place of lack (small i) might manifest but it won’t last.  It can’t last when it comes from the small i. Within it is the law of opposite.

That’s why at every birthday party, I always ask the person: Make a Wish! Cuz guess what!? They are in their heart and they feel full and happy!  That’s the best places to make wishes from! It’s one of the ways to bypass the Law of Opposites.  You go into the heart and manifest from that big beautiful all smiling Yogi I. And declare: Wouldn’t be cool if?

So my friend, partner, sister, brother, what are some of your ‘Wouldn’t be cool if______”. I am just asking cuz your angels woke me up at 6am to write and ask you…so , ya know, it might be significant to spend a little time downgrading your list of ‘I’ve got to have this’ to ‘wouldn’t be cool if it happened?’

Who got to kiss the President?

Well, I won’t tell you who although if you were watching the news you might have seen her on stage with Katy Perry. Nonetheless I will tell you that in the 1 1/2 years I’ve known her never had we made plans to have lunch randomly.  Usually we see each other at Ganesha Center or at each other’s home. But that week we had made a ‘lunch date’ and it just so happened to be the day after President Obama was in town.  I live in a bubble so I didn’t know any of this was happening until I put the radio on to calm baby during a car ride. When I heard Katy Perry was in town to perform I sorta had a feeling my friend would be at the rally.

I meet with her the next day and catch up on life, Goddess Retreat, Mommy-hood. She looks like she was up all night. She told me about the concert and meeting the President + resisting the urge to wipe lipstick off his face unsure whether that was a safe move with the number of security guards around. The connection doesn’t dawn on me until my 6am Haha moment.

I almost heard my angels ask: Remember that wish you had to teach at the White House? Yeah! Of course! OMG. Yes. I’ll do it, of course. Oh and let’s add to that I bring along my Healing Dove Practitioners to do energy healing on them over there…

Note: I don’t think about whether people are ‘open’ to energy healing. I just know it’s getting done, we are there, I can see it. Just like I knew 11 women were showing up in Hawaii. I didn’t know how. I don’t know how I may ever end up in the White House but I can smile seeing the President – Any President – sit in lotus position on the floor meditating heart to heart with me and all of his/her staff.

I do know that this morning I was asked if it was still something I’d like to do and I said yes. Everything else is out of my hands. I will show up where and when asked and I will let Spirit speak through me, as me with me.

With that my friend, What are you willing to say ‘yes’ to today? Remember that email I sent out about my father in law passing way? I talked about all the things I said Yes to. Check it out.

To your health, wealth and happiness!

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