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There was a time when you still believed…

there was a time when you still believed

A letter to all children who once believed in magic. 

remember what you felt like when you looked outside the window on rainy afternoons and your imagination carried you through

when you saw shooting stars and felt as free as they were beautiful

when your heart opened big and wide to friends and strangers alike

judging none but loving all

when you had a desire for something and you received it with so much jubilation

life dancing in your cells

your heart bounced around happy and free

you believed in magic because there was nothing else to believe in

you saw only love all around you

it added sparks in everyone eyes

you were the light of the party.

And then the seasons passed and you begin to understand some things bigger people may have told you

you stopped believing in magic because things stayed the same.

no matter how much you prayed wished and let go,

things seemed to stay the same

i know

you got sick

your body took in the negative vibes

you wanted them to all be happy again

you took it it

not knowing how to ground, release, free yourself of the heavier energies

you my crystal child took it in and forgot to dial home for a clearing.

a healing.

and yet you crystal child

are helping

you can’t see it just yet

but you are helping the world heal

you spent a few nights at the hospital

doctors found nothing

and could do nothing to heal you

prayers seemed to be the only thing that helped

and yet the hand of angels were there to clear you dearest crystal

because somewhere

somebody believed in you

dearest bright light

let’s not pretend you are small

it serves no one to keep you behind a walls learning about wars

our wars

when you are an agent of peace to teach us all about love

You must believe in magic

for your cells to heal

for your parents to love

for your community to shift

you must believe in magic – in all the things you wished for, add a bit more hope into it, a bit more knowingness,

see it through to completion

feel it through to reality

learn how to use and manipulate your magical wand

you have it within your heart.

keep it open


and watch the world change.


hayden and mom love

Danielle Dove
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