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There is a time to feel and a time to act

I’ve been around high powered women my whole life.

My mom was one gorgeous entrepreneur in Paris and then later in the South of France.

And my sister is one as well now with her very own chocolate tea room in a gorgeous resort in the Swiss Alps.

And by osmosis through my parents and my business mentors, I’ve been one too.

And there’s a time to act but there’s also a time to feel.

A time to feel if going forth and pushing on the gas pedal really is the right thing to do.

Or if the inner nudge to actually wait is best?

I believe there’s an alignment that happens inside ourselves that’s crucial.

How much money would you have saved (along with time and resources) if you could have seen it wasn’t the right program or time to launch a new offer? Or get that book published? Or hire that pushy coach? Or simply make that offer on a sales call?

When it’s time to wait it out

It feels as if you should wait but a part of you perhaps doens’t want to.

There’s impatience and the energy of impatiences smudges away the quieter voices of intuition.

What if you could have trusted your intuition to wait?

To trust something else was supposed to come first?

Did you wait?

Or did you push forth anyway and felt it was time to just get it done? Or did a coach push you to perform beyond what you innately feel was your purpose?

Growth happens in stages and launching products and services sometimes requires the launcher to be fully balanced and in harmony with what her true needs really are.

Is she really taken care of? Is her life really complete?

How are the children?

The universe has a way to help us out. If it senses we are out of whack, the launch will be too.

It won’t go as planned, things will go wrong, be delayed and get in the way.

Who wants that?

Why not have more flow, freedom and fun?

When it’s time to ACT

Now the energy that says wait also can say GO just as powerfully.

There are plenty of times where the energy can say: it’s time.

The time is now.

The planets have almost ‘clicked’ into position. You can almost feel the earth move you in the right direction as if fate has come to pick you up and it’s your time.

That’s a different wave you’re riding now. There’s less of the egoic wanting control, I’ll have it my way and much more of the fear of success coming up. It’s this innate knowing: this is real. This is happening. I’m doing this. And yet you aren’t the doer either. But have moved now into more of a well taken care channel, servant, who listens and flows with the energy and the intuition.

some call it their Source, God or CSO – Chief Spiritual Officer.

Either way you are in the knowing this feels right and feels more in alignment.

Can fate be initiated?

Yes. Absolutely.

You can absolutely call things into being.

Choose your ideal end result as long as it feels exciting and light in your heart and mind and the universe then guides you each day towards it.

But it does take letting yourself feel guided, absolutely.

Where are you in your business and what i call ‘issness’? And what are some decisions you’ve got to make but feel you really need the help seeing through everything?

If you want/need my intuitive insight and energy clearing, feel free to send me a message at

Talk soon,



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