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The opposite of failure is…

Becoming Cool

I used to think being ‘clumsy’ was cute and would get me more friends then being who I really was – a book lover and math nerd.

When I was 17/18 I would tutor college students in statistics. Years later, when my son goes to bed I resist the urge to go through his entire math book ahead of time and do it all for my own fun.

A total nerd. I know.

But I gave that up in order to, oh you know, be blonde along the way.

Make mistakes.

My brain must have thought – I’d get sympathy or make friends or, you know, ‘fit in’

Did it work out for me?

Not really.

I fell more and more into depression and disarray.

Until The Edit came along.

The edit is a process I put together to find the reasons why someone might… let’s say gravitate towards being ‘mistake-prone’, ‘failure-prone’ instead of having great ease and flow towards manifesting one’s ideal version of success (if you wonder why you do something and wish to quit that pattern, keep reading, this is for you). 

Why might someone be more prone unconsciously to failure than success?

Because – come on – let’s be truthful…(oh that word, ‘truth’ interesting, whose truth?).

If I came out and told you I was Buffett Rich and intuitive and gorgeous and a size 4 and… I get to travel and manifest with ease, homeschool my son while visiting Italy, Switzerland, live in the South of France but winter in Las Vegas, visit Dubai, Panama, Hawai…. I mean, how many would stick around to be my friend (true friend?). In truth? Plenty now. But only because I worked on that programming. 

If you find it, you can edit it.

As I went through my separation this year,  well I found I made some minor financial mistakes (help me, save me) and other choices were incredibly good (visiting family, separating from said husband, staying home, growing deeper roots in my own community…homeschooling Hayden, working with incredible clients 1:1 and in groups and just taking it slow and flow).

I also found myself deleting “what a mom is” program.

And most of what I heard was truly shocking.

Most of it was based on what I saw and heard my mother say or go through (and I, of course, experienced those exact same beliefs in 3D since they were in me).

And other programs I heard weren’t even in my own voice.

Have you ever heard a thought but in the voice of the person who said it to you originally?

Words become things

Now you may have been nothing like me.

And thank Goodness for that.

I used to literally take words and feel them come into my aura as a sponge.

If my sister said something about me – it came into my field and stayed there (until I cleared it).

Kids will become who we say they are so we must avoid criticizing them or name calling or using adjectives to describe them because they become that very thing we might be sick of them being – crazy right?

Like a prophecy, it becomes truth.

So along the way you and I both might have heard certain things said and we, very obediently,  because we want to be loved – took those things in and made sure they were the truth.

Whose Truth?

The very people we belonged to – our family.

(If you wondered why things blow up during the holidays now you know. Your BS detector goes a bit wahoo around the holidays because in self-defense it wants to delete and make it all an untruth – whatever is still blocking you from creating a life that looks like you and not what they said about you).

The author of Happier Calmer Easier parenting explained this to me when I was having a hard time with Hayden last year when he was in daycare. I had a great 1:1 with her.

And Christie Marie Sheldon also talks about this in her Love or Above Program.

When Other People Program Your Life

Over and over again, growing up, I was extremely moody, had horrible anger and was just a big mess.


Out of love for my family, I took in all of their energy of drama/trauma (there was plenty) in order to heal it. But as a sensitive introvert (telepathic and multi clair intuitive) I didn’t have an outlet or a way to ‘heal it’. At least not growing up in the Parisian apartment we lived in (I did much later when we moved to the countryside)

So it accumulated daily, the criticisms, the fights, the crazy violence, it all boiled in me. My body, my organs, all of it was a big mess.  But my parents, approval seeking Parisians that they were, were so happy to pretend it was all ok, even when my brother broke my father’s car window (when I was in it) and then my father pepper sprayed him in the face.  It was so bad I had appendicitis at 5 years old. That’s how toxic my organs had become.

And guess who was being blamed over and over again for her anger, her issues, her stomach pain?


I was made responsible for my emotional outburst. I was the problem-child.

I was told over and over again: no one is going to want to be with you, you’re so moody.

So I gladly, made them all true.

Now, I work with Angels and have created a life that – Thank God – truly, resembles far more a drama free fairy tale ever since I discovered I had the wand in my own hand and heart to do so. 

And now I get to find and clear those for my lovely clients too and they in turn, call me their fairy god mother 😉 which truly is a lot of fun. 

I am still truly amazed when I find core beliefs and I can still see the vicious look on the people’s faces as they said those horrible things to me.

I can still hear their voices.

Because it was all recorded.

It still lived in my energy field.

Just as your stories still live in your blueprint – your makeup – your energy centers.

And we create, our lives, daily, from those very energy centers.  

Choose Your Words: Choose your Life

Now you are a powerful creator and the master of your reality.

While words are what created your reality – you can choose different words to imprint yourself with (some would call it a thumbprint) and instead create from those more positive imprints.

So if you want the experience of the new year (or just of tomorrow) to be a certain way, hang out over a thesaurus and find the words that really mean something awesome to you. Add images. Put the words down and script it out. Create a container and have that container be ‘today’, or ‘this week’ it’s easier if the container is for this day or this week vs. this year.

Try it out and see if by the end of your day, those very words got to be in it (when I put that I have a lot of LOLs with my son, we always end up having the most random ones, it’s so fun). 

Get a Clean Slate

Before you can reprogram, would you be open to deprogramming first?


I promise it’s a lot less painful than it looks. 

Can you grab a pen / paper or just a new blank document on your phone or computer?

Ask yourself questions such as…  Having a business means I’ll _________________.10x

Making more money means I’ll _______________. 10x

Being a mom means I am _______________- or if I am a mom I am automatically__________

Being a father means I___________________

Take 5 minutes and listen to what comes when you finish those sentences 10x.

(If you save this article thinking you’ll get to it later, don’t. We never get to it later, do we? How could you set a reminder or plan a date to do this for yourself. If you schedule it in, would you do this?).

Shocked by what you heard?

I know. Most of it is super shocking.

Want to clear them up?

Try and trace them back to their owners.

I bet you it wasn’t even you who thought those things into being in the first place.

I mean you were there, you did take those things in, but those things were programmed into you when your mind had no flipping idea what discernment even was, let alone knew how to do it.

The good news is you can clear these up and start fresh with a clean slate and new empowering words.

And that responsibility would be your own, you can only change the future by dealing with it right now.

Want to make it a priority to find and clear these all up in 2018?

I’m asking because I’m brewing a little something something for 2018 so leave a comment below with what you found out in the sentences above and what you’d like to clear pronto and it will help me make it even better for you. 

If you want to get started right away, see if you can find a time to chat this week (I am back in PST for those in the US):

By connecting vertically and clearing my clients get crazy good results in life and business.

From 40k to 100k gain in business (Jill M. in Park City).

From almost no income to 5k income to 50k income within weeks of clearing together (Tom M, Utah).

Selling his book for more money than he planned (Ramzi).

From never having made any money in her businesses to selling high-end packages (Julieanne in the UK).

And many more.

I mean the list goes on, I get new positive stories weekly and sometimes daily

#grateful they are doing The Edit. 

Your turn to have an amazing year with flow and ease. 

Your Editing Nerd (happy to be),

Alixe K. Tracey

PS: When you have a moment, no matter how harrowing they might be (we don’t judge), leave us a comment below with what you heard that was the most shocking and what category you want / feel guided to clear first. 🙂

And if you want to comment on anything else, go ahead.

PSS: Want to get started ASAP clearing these? Check out The Shop, for any one hour clearing meditation purchased before 2018, I’ll send you another one for free just let me know which other one you want. This works if you want to buy 2 and get 2.

PSSS: Do I really need to mention how powerful these clearing meditations really are? You wouldn’t expect anything less from this energy hacker would you now?


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