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The New Economy and Your Role in It

The new economy is coming. More and more people are awakening to their gifts of intuition and are feeling guided to start their own businesses. It is such a beautiful time to be in the world right now.

Changes in the UK will have an effect in thew world economy and more changes are coming with the elections in the US this fall and yes, the economy might dip and things might shift in your world or in the life of someone you know.

The key is to not go into fear but into love and trust. You will feel a pull to start something new, you’ll get ideas flowing through you, out of the fear, your intuition will blossom and you’ll finally get to do what you love most. We are entering into the love based economy and it’s an answer to our prayers.

Recent changes in my own soulful business are happening to offer the support to women and men when they’ll experience that economic shift in their world – it’s all meant to happen exactly as it is unfolding. The support will be there when you need it or feel guided for it.

Happy to serve, happy to help.

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