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The meditation that’s helped me with depression


This week’s video + meditation gives you the same questions I asked my feelings when they kept showing up uninvited. The answers you receive and the messages your inner child and your subconscious will tell you may very well be the most authentic guidance you may ever need.

Watch it here on YouTube if it’s missing from the post.

18 months ago, I was sitting in my living room in so much pain I wanted to die.

I felt I was living the wrong life.

I loved my home, my child and my husband but something in my soul was rejecting the idea of being in Las Vegas.  Everything that I loved to do from climbing up cherry trees to walking around car-free…all of that I could not do here.

The worst part about strong emotions and depression is clarity about what to do to get better is completely unavailable.  In those moments, with all the manifesting powers I had to shift my life, I couldn’t decide on what I needed. I had zero access to intuitive guidance.

Only one thing was possible: Ride the feelings inward until I could get to its source and from there interview the little girl I found.

I asked her what would make her happy.

Her answers and what I discovered about myself has helped me reach a level of emotional freedom and clarity I honestly didn’t think was ever going to happen.

I have more serenity, clarity about my values and power in my heart to love all thanks to her request and all that it created from that moment forth (she’s the reason I got to experience all 4 seasons in the South of France among olive trees and lavender fields).

I am passing on this gift to you today.

Whether you are experiencing strong emotions now, or you ever have in the past, or you are about to spend time with family who triggers old emotional pain in you, now is an excellent time to set those old energy clusters totally free.

Whether you choose to act on what you discover is entirely up to you.

The key is that you tried.

I command you for any effort you make and I am always here of you on this journey of emotional freedom and intuitive living.

To your Dreamiest Life Shifts Ever,


PS: I feel I should warn you.

This exercise has serious potential to change everything. A client of mine who did this exercise last December is now moving to Europe for good.  Another client ended up driving straight from her session with me to the beach in California – a 5 hour drive. It turned my world upside down removing all the weeds out of the way so I could fly.

So you know, if you are ready to experience freedom and have a flipping amazingly magical life, Do it. If not. It will be here for you when you are ready 🙂

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