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The magical benefits of self reliance

the magical benefits of self reliance

How probable is it to quit your day job and your daily routine and truly go for your life purpose?

What are the winning ingredients to carry close to you (and in your fanny pack 😉 let’s say

so you can have your hands free and open to receive all that you need while on the journey,

wasting as little time as possible looking for what you need, and instead having it come to you?

How does that happen ?

How does the right people come to you with the right suggestions, signs and ideas?

Or the right material needs just when you needed them most?

Or the right book, read under a tree, at the exact spot where you were meant to meet someone who will change your life forever?

How do we get aligned with such magic and stay in that vibration?

Magical manifesting can be the result of very clear and concise steps YOU CAN TAKE STARTING TODAY.

Here’s how magic was described by Thoreau….

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” Thoreau.

And Dr. Wayne Dyer:

“What i know from this vantage point, writes Dr. Wayne Dyer, is that whenever I have that absolute knowing within me that something is going to transpire, I sense that I have guidance available from ascended masters who are working with me and steering the ship of my life in the direction that’s been my own personal dharma from the moment I incarnated into this lifetime.”

I sat under a tall over arching tree yesterday in a park in Aix en Provence on on a granite surface with Dr Dyer’s book, “I can see clearly now”.

 I never picked up any of his other 43 books, but this one came up the day before on my email and it light up. I felt and saw this was a book I needed right then and there. I also had the eagerness to read it.

I have lived the past 10 years guided by that ‘clear knowing’ following the signs and guidance on a daily basis and it works!

I am living proof along with Dr. Dyer and many others that it is possible to listen and follow the same instinct we were all born with towards a better life.

Here are the elements and tools to keep in your pink (or yellow) fanny pack when you begin the journey of leaping into listening to your heart and saying yes to what feels good.

We’ll cover together these 4 subjects from Dr Dyer’s story and show you how it is possible to apply them in your life:

– Absolute knowing within me

– sensory ability to receive guidance

– ascended masters: how to communicate with them

– personal dharma: how to recognize it.


Wayne talks about that ‘absolute knowing’ – in my Earth Angels in Training ebook and many other videos since, you’ve heard me mention “we are all born with a sixth sense: the intuitive ability to know see or hear the truth without having to see it in absolute 3d.”

You can all do this and that’s my entire mission behind Happy Soul School and Healing Dove Therapy, it’s been my personal dharma for the past 10 years and my reason for my entire life.

To solidify my point, let me add, we were all born with the gifts of clearly knowing what was best for us since we were infants.

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here today because without it you wouldn’t have taken the milk your mother gave you, or knew to scream when you were hungry or when something was wrong. That was an inherent knowing that required no language, no thoughts, it was a primitive knowing build in you to save your life.

So why aren’t we aware of it today or use it as much?

And why don’t we trust it?

Why do all of us from CEOs to bakers and librarians still make mistakes, still forget to do that thing we felt guided to do, still don’t listen to that inherent knowing?

Why are we making mistakes even with our very environment, cutting down the very rainforest that has the power of saving the planet?

Why don’t we listen or trust the knowing that had the power to save our lives as infants?

Now I have a life time of more research to do to prove my point but here is my hypothesis based on the workshops I have taught where I saw first hand this very ‘muscle’ being reactivated and strengthened, my own personal experience as a multi clair intuitive and as a mom to a very intuitive little boy.


It’s a sensitivity and a muscle you haven’t needed to use once you learned how to speak yet it’s your first language: the language of energies and intuition was and is your very first language.

Clair-cognizance was also a muscle that could have been atrophied by the repetitive ‘nos’ you heard around you when that same clear knowing was guiding you to naturally taste everything you touched and put it in your mouth.  My inner knowing and my observations clearly show me we lost our clear knowing after repeatedly being told our ideas and our instincts were ‘wrong’ or ‘not for now’ or ‘later honey’ and we all began to think: “oh oh’, this clear knowing doesn’t seem to be the right thing, I keep hearing ‘no’ whenever I compulsively follow that instinct and inner desire.

And so the muscle was atrophied and instead you and I and most everyone born in a modern society, we began to make our parents and our teachers that higher source of knowing: they OBVIOUSLY knew what was best, and we might have thought: I obviously didn’t so I’ll just go on and stop using my claircognizance and just listen to them.

We rebuked at first I am sure – as all children – we rebelled and screamed but then came the candies, and the cookies and the TV shows ‘if we promised to be good’.

If we promised to do what they asked of us to do: we got rewards.

(If you wonder how I know these, just know I am a clear-cognizant and this claIr tends to give us truth without needing facts and figures, yet if you need them I have extrapolated examples I witnessed and experienced to assure your doubts, if you have any.)

Most importantly what does your own inner knowing tell you and if it rings loud and clear please add your own comments below.


But what happens to those rewards once we become adults and no one around us is now telling us what to do nor are they giving us ‘rewards’?

Can you imagine functioning on a fairly reliable system for close to 18-25 years:

“If i simply do what I am told and asked and continue to deny my inner voice I will get something warm, sweet and comforting, I will get love and acceptance from my peers and family….”

What happens in our 20s when we might be done with school and now are supposed to ‘know what to do with our lives?

When society now demands we chose a path?

(This feeling can also re-occur later in life when the kids are grown up and go off to college or a divorce happens… insert any major life shifts here).

We comply of course, for the most part and choose a path, but rewards aren’t necessarily given and thus lying to ourselves feels more and more off and we get less and less reward from others around us who themselves are looking for that same reassurance they are doing the right thing and the rewards they were promised when they were little but aren’t getting anymore either.

What happened to you?

What happens to all of us?

What happens when the simple formula of doing what a higher power tells us to do no longer leads ot rewards:

Depression and confusion sets in.

We wonder who we are and where we belong.

How do we go back and start reconnecting with and trusting that deep inner knowing we always had and like Dr. Dyer, regain it as excitedly as he had it himself at such a young age?

Is it a matter of finding another higher power in a relationship? In a boss? A child? Is it a matter of finding someone outside of ourselves as our souce of security and higher power?


He writes in the book at length about what he sees clearly now: every event, every accident was not an accident, they all were part of his training to learn to become self-reliant. Not to depend on anyone, not even his own mother or father who was completely absent from his life.

Because he was left by himself so much of his childhood, his clairs (clear knowing and clear seeing) were left intact, albeit accidentally I would say.

So how do we regain that first magical gift Dr. Dyer mentions: “I have that absolute knowing within me that something is going to transpire”?

Do we have to let go of ever asking anyone else’s opinion?

Do we have to completely stop depending on others and become an island of ‘me’ and only ‘me and my thoughts’?

Yes … and no.

All dependency leads to stunted growth.

Whenever I depend on someone to be my source of happiness, financial stability or love I will stop growing myself to create it and receive it. I will stop trying…

Can you relate?

Whether self-reliance is imposed on us by life circumstances or a decision we feel clearly guided to take, either way, know there is a way to strenghten your wings of self-reliance before you leap. It was never meant to be scary and difficult.

No I don’t think we have to all hit bottom before we can leap off.


I will give you my own personal experience: I was also raised in a strict environment spending a good part of my childhood with nuns in a boarding school away from my mom and dad. I was left to my own device but also had plenty of moments when I had to give up my sense of intuition to meet the demands of a perfectionist society: look your best, ride horses, do ballet, gymnastics and get As in school, then you can play and do what you want.

I had plenty of rages and anger when I didn’t feel heard or understood and especially when I felt lied to, which later I learned is typical indigo child reaction since we are born with a great BS detector.

To find inner stillness, I retreated in nature where I felt at peace and understood.  Fast forward to my 20s and the #1 cause for my gifts re-awakening after college was simply that I was completely left to my own device, I was an orphan. My father passed away when I was 10 and my mother was in and out of remission with breast cancer most of the time until she passed away when I was 18.

I finished college when I was barely 21 with a degree and another big D: Depression.

What was I supposed to do now?

Where was my mother telling me what to do with my life?

In a state of complete stupor after a therapy session I sat on the beach literally feeling like I had just lost my mother and where had she gone?

I had no one to turned to, no friends or family except my own pain and depression and the knowing something else was out there for me.

Without anyone to depend on I had to grow.

And grew I did towards truth and humility.

I didn’t think I had all the answers, I needed them to come from outside of me, from Truth filtered through my own BS detector. I went towards what felt good in my body and didn’t worry about the how and the consequences. I had to listen to my own truth.

Like that infant left alone too long, I had to resolve to use my innate intuition.

Because no one was picking me up to take care of me, my clairs and intuition re-opened and went on full training mode again.

Day after day I was led to the bookstores, the cafes, the people who all had messages for me and who all guided me towards my divine purpose.

My humility and willingness to learn and resolve my past hurt was the fuel that also got me out of bed and moving forward one more step at a time.

Many doors opened and not all of them led me to meditation and self-realization.

In fact many led me towards theaters and auditions and acting classes and movie premieres in Hollywood. I didn’t know it at the time but it was all preparing me to write, speak and let go of my rigid need to always be told what to do so I could do it right.

I let go and improvised my life on stage and off.

It was one of the most freeing experience of my life.

But it wasn’t the destination. It was just training ground. I still felt led towards something greater.

Like Dr. Dyer each event was no accident, the truism there truly are no accidents in this universe has always been true for me as well.

I was led into a workshop by an angel therapy practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue.  There I learned about chakras, clairs, angels and oracle cards.

There I met my soul sister and we later traveled to Hawaii to receive a certification in Angel Therapy.

I couldn’t act anymore at that point. It no longer felt right.

I had spent thousands of dollars on head shots and acting classes but that was the cost to my training. I kept moving forward. I kept advancing without attachments or regrets.

So what did it take to stop listening to others and make them my higher power and instead regain confidence in my own innate knowing?

2: Sensory ability to receive guidance (& how to know it’s the right guidance)

Along the way I did listen to what others suggested if it felt like truth, but I no longer ‘had to listen to them to get a reward’. I was beginning to experience divine love which I considered the most exciting form of love and approval there was for me at the time. I started to receive it in the moment, every day by doing ‘no-thing’. I didn’t have to get an A at school or get a master degree or get that perfect job or that perfect man.

I was receiving love in the moment without having to do anything, simply by meditating on the beach, riding my bike from West Hollywood to Santa Monica, going to yoga and Kirtan concerts and letting go. I listened to my need to surround myself by uplifting positive people and stay away from energies that no longer resonated with me. As my clair-sentience (clear feeling) continued to open up I had to become more careful about where I went and who I interacted with.

I was also guided to go completely raw-vegan to cleanse even further and unknown to me at the time, this also was a major factor in opening up my intuition since it offered my body extra energy to clean the mucus off of my intuitive chakras.

Now a side note: I am French. I love my butter and cheese. I also spent years looking for love in over eating. I also had issues with bulimia and anorexia. Food is a big trigger for me.

Going raw vegan was not easy.

When I ordered the book online to help me eat a raw vegan diet I was accepting the changes but resisting it as well. I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

Spirit and my angels also knew I couldn’t do it alone.

So somehow, miraculously, simply because I had the willingness they must have given me the power I needed to begin a raw vegan cleanse. It lasted over 18 months and included a two week retreat in Costa Rica with the author of the book I had ordered online (Dr. Graham’s 80/10/10 book).

After the retreat in Costa Rica I understood it wasn’t just the food that would do it: I also needed to practice and use the tools I had learned in Hawaii with Doreen Virtue.  I needed to use my intuition during readings. So I began to give readings to anyone and everyone, even people I met on trips to Big Sur and Carmel. Some were happy to pay me and refer me to more and more of their friends. Quickly my practice grew over a few months.

Now I also had done something to set that experience in motion. I had credit card bills adding up at that time as I was living on small paychecks from a waitressing job at a raw vegan restaurant in Santa Monica CA and yet going to Hawaii and Costa Rica was a 5 figure expense each time.

I had saved up money also but was getting worried about the 10k+ adding up on my credit cards.

So I did was I knew was best: I sent love to each of the credit card companies.

During my morning runs, I would send a ton of love to the people I imagined behind each of the credit card companies. I sent them so much love that I started getting letters back from them with offers to reduce my interest and match my payments when I made them regularly.

Now I wasn’t sending them love to get anything in return. I didn’t know such thing was even possible. I was sending them love out of deep gladness and unconditional gratitude they had believed in my ability to pay them back. They had trusted me with thousands of dollars and on that treadmill every few days I was making the promise to them, albeit telepathically, I would pay them back every cent – not knowing how, I just had the deep knowing.

3: Ascended masters: how to communicate with them

Because I was on my own, because I had to rely on myself only, I listened to my intuitive senses and did what felt right to me at the time: I was practicing telephatic communication. The debt and the credit card bills became training ground to get me to begin using my faith and my ability to communicate with an energy and a person that wasn’t necessarily there in 3d reality with me on the treadmill. They were living in my imagination.

I was using my deep knowing they would be paid back with my imagination.

Everyone from The Secret to Marie Forleo to Doreen Virtue will tell you: it’s not enough just to know it, you have got to apply it.

I applied running with visualization and positive thinking.

It became training to be able to communicate with angels and ascended masters.

All of these things have shared with you demanded that I learn self-realiance.

I had plenty of male figures around me who could have easily and gladly helped me pay for it but it didn’t feel right to me.

Instead I did what felt right: I used my innate power to manifest it all.

I got down on my knees and I reconnected to my truest source of higher wisdom and power. I connected to that energy that I felt when I meditated and asked it for help. I figured going to source for help was a good first decision since it had helped me so far:

It had helped me find and eat mostly raw fruits and veggies for many one 24h period at a time, it had helped guide me to learn acting under the same teacher that trained oscar winning actors and it had miraculously got a dolphin to jump out of the waters of Hawaii when I stood tall on a cliff with my soul sister and affirmed a new truth with the power of my voice.

(heart jumping out of chest still this moment so incredibly magical).

I followed the silver lining and discovered my personal dharma.

4. Personal dharma: How to recognize it.

When I proposed the videos last week on how to find something you’ve lost and whether there’s a meaning behind it, I didn’t recognize the hand of providence creating through me.

Now that I am revealed more of the puzzle pieces and how it is all coming together I can  see why I needed to offer a magical wand clearing workshop at happy soul school.

How can we find our personal life purpose and our dharma and follow its guidance, without reactivating and clearing our chakras and remembering our clairs first?

The pressure of every day society is far too great to listen to that inner stillness otherwise. It requires self-reliance and determination to go in the direction of your dreams.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” Thoreau.

So to anyone who isn’t living a life they would define as successful, take a step back and ask yourself:

Am I still operating from that old programming of do what I am told that is right by someone else’s standards and am I expecting a reward and still waiting for it? Am I still looking for other’s approval?

If so, there are easy ways to strengthen your intuitive clairs without having to quit your day job just yet or make any other major life shifting decisions.

Self reliance happens magically in those moments when you chose to say no to someone you have been used to making your higher power and begin saying yes to the unknown desire in your heart to go somewhere, see something, do what’s right by you.

Trust that instinct and trust it deeply always.

Danielle Dove


Awakened Hearts a six week journey with danielle dove
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